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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Clay Jensen’s first love records her last words.

Clay Jensen returns home from school to find a strange package with his name on it lying on his porch. Inside he discovers several cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker–his classmate and crush–who committed suicide two weeks earlier. Hannah’s voice explains that there are thirteen reasons she decided to end her life. Clay is one of them. If he listens, he’ll find out why.

Clay spends the night crisscrossing his town with Hannah as his guide. He becomes a first-hand witness to Hannah’s pain, and learns the truth about himself–a truth he never wanted to face.

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Up North Girl's Review of  Thirteen Reason Why, by Jay Asher

I really enjoyed this book. I did think it wasn't very fair that she blamed all the other people completely for her suicide. Of course, many people played big roles in it, but there were things she herself could have done to try and turn this around. She could have gotten professional help from a psychologist, instead of just from the school counselor. But I do get that Jay Asher (the author) wrote it that way to make it a good story.

Overall, I think this book was very well-written and had a good storyline. I couldn't put it down, and I actually got in trouble for staying up too late at night to read it! I liked the ending; it was a bit of a cliff hanger. I convinced two of my friends to read it as well. I would definitely recommend this book to many people, but if you have a hard time reading about death, this book is not for you.

I would say that this book is best for ages 13 and up.

Four chocolate bars for this book. Death rating for appropriateness.


  1. This book sounds like a great book. I might read this book. anotamiss guy out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Caterpillar really wants to read that book! Does it take place as the person is reading the tapes or as Hannah Baker is taping the videos that tell why she killed herself?

  3. I am halfway through this book, and it's so powerful...I feel awful, and yet there's so much complexity and tragedy here...horrifyingly real.

  4. This sounds like a REALLY good book and I really want to read it now!

  5. @inthemiddlereading (Caterpillar), it is narrated by Clay Jenson as he is hearing the tapes, and his thoughts as he hears them.

  6. Caterpillar says that she read Thirteen Reasons Why and that was one of the most amazing books but it was so incredibly sad. She did't want the book to end!! Thanks for answering her question.

  7. This book sounds AMAZING!!! It must have been as good as it sounds!


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