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Behind the Scenes

inthemiddlereading is a group blog, created and developed by a small group of middle school students and their adviser.  Our group is made up of editors-in-chief, junior editors, contributors, and proofreaders, but anyone from our school can submit a blog post to our editors for consideration.


 Hello friends. My name is flickagirl.ae. I am the author of The Dead Face Girl, which is pretty much the most awesome book ever. I like reading basically anything. And my future husband is Nathan Sykes from the Wanted (he's right in the middle in my bio picture). Yeah. I'm not a very complicated being.

AWESOME NAME: ZombifiedUnicorn
AWESOME BIO: Unicorns are cool.
And so is Green Day. And One Direction. And food. And of course, reading. I mostly read mystery books, and creepy, 'someone's watching you' kind of books. Only because thery're fun to read. But I also like realistic fiction, and once in a while I like documentaries (because of their awesome man voices when they talk).

USERNAME: balloonacy

I am crazy. Beyond a doubt, I am crazy. And an unregistered chocoholic.
I enjoy reading and playing video games and thinking. And plotting...
I am a generally amiable person (unless I'm in a bad mood...)
PS I am best friends with the alot
PPS If you want to talk to me I don't bite (very hard).

Well hello there! My name is ArwenPond and the list of things I love is very long! Let's start with Doctor Who, Hello Kitty, Scooby Doo, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Art of Racing in the Rain, His Dark Materials, Phantom of the Opera, The Princess Bride, Winnie the Pooh, and The Sword of Darrow. Some are movies, some books, some just random characters. I love them all equally, so please don't ask me to pick a favorite! I have a bad habit of starting a book even though I'm already reading one. I also love animals and chocolate, but not together!  Anywho, that's me! I can't make up my mind about anything and I love to read. Talk to you later!

username: Leeandanna

Bio: Hi!!!!!!!!  I am i registered chocoholic, and i am slightly crazy... ok i am really crazy. I love sci-fi and fantasy novels and pretty much anything i can grt my hands on. current favorite book is zombies V.S Unicorns (if you haven't read it you should) My hobbies are surfing wind surfing and speed skating.

Poutypigie                               pronunciation: not poty pigy   powty piji

My name is Poutypigie I LOVE!!!! to read. I read pretty much anything (besides romance and middle school drama books) especially sci-fi and fiction.I currently own 7 Horseman Theif Pouter pigeons. (they are awesome!!!) And I also love to write. Another thing I like to do is play "The Game", This is how you play:
1. you dont want to lose the game (that's bad)
2. whenever you think of the game you lose.
3. if you lose you want others to lose too, so you make them think about it Ex: saying/typing/etc I just lost the game or the game etc.
4. you can only lose every thirty minutes.
5. now that you now what the game is you are always playing it! :P
Thanks for reading my Bio!

BIO: Phoenix hates writing autobiographies...........

Username: Wickedmania
Bio: defy gravity. all the time. everyday.

Junior Editors:

Hi my name is Ellis, and I'm 11 years old. I am really into anime. My favorite color is black. My favorite animal is a wolf. I am a fast runner(not long distance...). I haven't seen half my family in 4 years. I have a little sister named Lindsay and she's really fun. My favorite TV show is Naruto(anime). I have many books and games. I like to spend my time at VYC( Valley and Copeland Youth Center) when my parents are at work I am a very violent minded person( not mean though...). And that's my bio.

USERNAME: BiebersBelieber
BIO: I Love Justin Bieber and Big Belieber here! I love Shaneqa its a long story but she's still amazing!! I post about Justin I read about Justin and most of all I Fangirl over Justin.

MonkeyBalls: I like to read mystery books. I like to be weird but that's just who I am. I'm a true girly girl. I like to sing and play with my hair when I'm bored. I have three cats and I LOVE to annoy my friends.. especially when they're sleeping. I play volleyball and was in gymnastics. Okay that's enough reading.. good bye now!

Bubblelover: Hi, if you don't know who I am I will give you one clue, if you see a girl walking though the hall with a heart shaped bubble round her neck you'll know it's me. I love books my favorite is Chicken Soup for the Soul. I LOVE  music. It's my weakness if I go a day without my favorite song ("Can't Hold Us") I will DIE. I have 5 siblings, 4 out of 5 are girls, the last is a boy he is the youngest, and I'm the oldest. Let me tell you one thing being oldest sucks for a lot of reasons. (If you see me in the hall just say bubbles and I'll know what you mean.)....oh and uh there's a secret to my user name but I won't tell you it. Only a select few know it and you're not it, so bye.

PS. Hi Grace

Username; Nialllover
Bio; I love thouroughbred horses, likes to read, is very active,is in dance and does competitions for dance, fav. candy is heath bars, has a baby brother who just turned two oct. 24 my fav. singer group is one direction, i have a sister who is six whos adopted and i dont see her, i go to church.
Hello i am the Ahool you most likely do not know who or what i am, short to say but i am a giant bat. Yes that is what i said G-I-A-N-T B-A-T. i usally keep to myself but i might as well get it over with anyways. i read a lot but not those little books you humans read. i read scrolls, LOTS of scrolls. Well, even if i am a bat i still can do quite a few things. Basicly im not a vampire bat that you humans are so scared of, Im really like a giant fruit bat. Well anyways i should be on my way its hard to write and fly at the same time. by the way WHATEVER YOU DO DO NOT TELL PEOPLE I EXIST!! They will just come and kill me put me in pickled jars for testing. Well i bet you humans wont do that. You probably cant speak bat language anyways.
If you ever want to stop by just go in the woods ill be there its good to get company. I guess ill see you when i see you , until then goodye.

Hey im M.C.DoodleDog22 and im going to read the twilight books! :o i loved the movies so I cant wait!! i really like fiction books i think they are a lot more intresting then other books. so i hope the books are going to intrest me to. Oh and my favorite color is green.  

Hey my name is Fluffyvragon13. I am also known as Spiderman. I like to write fiction books. Also Spiderman is way better than Batman. I LOVE reading books, magazines, and the newspaper (only for the comics;)) But that is all for now. Read my chapters of "The Search".

Username: Wolf Angel
Bio: I love wolves. :)

USERNAME: Darkfluffywolf
I'm an aspiring writer/artist who loves making comics and listening to music. I write my stories, but I haven't shown any of them to any human beings, except my cat. I love anime too, and try my best at drawing them. If you ever read my stories (which is a longshot) I almost always have the same characters. I love reading books, but I'm having a hard time finding a good book to read. Science fiction/fantasy is what I like, so naturally it's what I draw and write about. If I couldn't listen to music for 2 days...I would DIE!!! Rock music is my life! I love music! But I'm NOT a bieber believer!!! I barely listen to pop anyway, and no country. My favorite movie of all time is probley either A Wrinkle in time or Phantom of the opera. Bye.

Hey everyone its Batman here!! So yeah, i love to read, my favorite book (so far) is The Help. I like to read historical fiction books and fiction books. Oh and I am like 100,000% better then spiderman!! Don't listen to what he says. So anywas i love to read witch is the main point of this!! So yeah............. BATMAN over and out  


Bio:I'm Porkers I love to watch gory horror movies.My favorite movie is the Avengers. I love to read books by stephen king because they are really good and exciting i love them A LOT.

shutter bug
Hi... I will not say my name but I am sort of quiet, fearless, and hard working. I love books, videos, and other types of entertainment but the things I love the most is shared with my closest friends. I hope everyone will have a good, happy way of showing their joy for life like I do.

BIO:my name is Danny.E and as you can see i like video games. but thats not the only thing. I like skateboarding and other things like that. that is all i have to say for myself.

Username:Dripping chocolate   
dripping chocolate's bio: I love to read mystery novels that are fiction. my fav food is any type of sweet like the best thing i like is a doughnut or cinnomon Roll,my fav color is gold/silver, and if you couldn't tell i LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its the best piece of candy i'v every tasted well anyways thanks for reading!!!!

username: blazeing doom
bio: hi my name is clifford I like godzila and digemon

username :happy unicorns 
bio : I'm new to book blogging. I have one blog called happy unicorns550. I am reading six minutes left to live.

Hey, everyone, I am Cece07, and this is my second year on the blog! I am the oldest and in my family I LOVE hanging with my friends!!!! I also love baking, cats, and I also love sports!! I play softball, I skate ski, love to rollerblade, like to play one-on-one basket ball with my dad and love going to my cabin!!I love my family and love hanging with them! by the way..My name is for my cat Cece she was also born on October 7th. I am a book worm, so if you like a book or would like to recommend one just shoot me an e-mail!( Or post a comment...that would make me very HAPPY...) C-YA!!! 

Hi I'm nothing doer
   I do nothing but read and play football.
   My favorite book is nearfall.
   I play on a football team for the west end of town.
   That is my bio... sorry that it's so short. 

sharkfin574:  Hello I love books and football. My favorite book is the Ring of Soloman. I have 2 dogs but no other pets. My favorite football team is the Vikings. I also have two sibling a sister and a brother both are older than me. are awesome.

Greetings Humans.I was The Muse but now I am Lilly,The Muse.

I love Living Dead by Electra Heart. I love music, books, dreaming, playing on the computer, writing, drawing anime, rebelling, pretending that the world is mine, goofing off with my imaginary and real friends, singing, dancing, dressing up and many other things. So far I don't have a favorite book. I'll eat anything that  except mushrooms,pickles and slugs and other stuff. I want to be a writer one day or a Dictator with my  bat friend  Ally or something.I love horror movies sometimes but I love animated movies and  other movies.I love to act creepy, scary and  DEMENTED it's fun join me on the creepy side I have cookies and  Ahool a.k.a Ally. Hurry Ally is HUNGERY we may  not have any cookies left! *dramatic music*I love T.V. and aliens.I think boys are aliens sometimes.I have my own quote.Want to know what it is? NO you people might take it but ok.It's "people call me wierd but I prefer amazing in disguise."I hate spiders and I think there's an alien in my basement's bathroom.I have a pet Ally but she's protesting that.Can't wait for EPIC to come out it's a new movie and other stuff. Bye type to you people later.I  LOVE ANIME!!! No I'm not hyper or crazy just ME.

I love reading anything interesting such as fantasy, science fiction and sometimes thriller and a realistic fiction when I am bored. I really don't like those boring history books that some teachers make us read. I am told I am a random person so if I say stuff like PIZZA BACON that is just who I am .My fave food so far is cheese pizza, spaghetti, Mac&cheese, cheeseburgers, carrots, apples, oranges, starfruit and anything else I can try.

So far I don't have a fave book. I just like to read. I don't have any faves but you can leave me a suggestion on what to read next. I am afaid of spiders. I mean, nothing should have more than 2 eyes, it's wierd and the way they crawl on the floor eww no offense to the spider lovers out there. 

I am a huge Artemis Fowl fan and one day I might post some fan art for you to comment on. I love using the internet I would die without it . A question for all you readers out there What technology you cant live with out? I love to write I might put some fan fics & original fics on the blog. So can any of you viewers out there tell me what your fave book is? Some people think I am crazy but i say I am just different  from others and I am  random  I love books but some of the movies based on them stink in my opinion.

(All contributors are sixth, seventh, and eighth graders at the same school.  Our adviser helps a little bit with proofreading and idea generation, but the blog is created, developed, written, and designed by students ages 10-14.)