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Friday, May 31, 2013

Rebellion: original fiction by ahool

                      Chapter 1: Escape
Lush and pure. Thats basically how GladeKeep looks. I have heard stories of places other than GladeKeep...places with dark valleys and metal trees. Yet my parents say that talk is nothing but nonsense...  

They all call me Roach, because I am a survivor. You can't get rid of me, I'm tougher than somebody who can only take a punch, I'm like somebody who can live through falling off tall trees and a slash to the neck. I guess I'm just used to that stuff. It happened a lot in GladeKeep when I was a kid.

I get up and walk through the river and look around, picking up some things that could be useful later on, looking through the water and lean over to pick up a rusty blade. Right before my fingers can reach the handle of the old knife, I feel  something slam into my side. 

I look up and see Teo, a friend of mine who I have known since I was seven.

"What the--" I exclaim. "Why are you out of the grounds, Teo?! Is something wrong?" 

Teo looks at me and says one word, "Run." I scramble to my feet and see the very city I was born in under attack by masked figures armed with pistols, grenades and torches. 

I look at Teo and grab his hand because he is the only one I have left besides me. I have an awful feeling the others won't make it. Still gripping his hand, I pick up the old knife and run from the very place I was born, the place I thought was safe.


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