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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

White Magic, original fiction by Silver Dragon

                     White   Magic

Chapter one: Welcome to White Lake (please excuse the dragons)

I never knew that when I was transferred to a new school my life would change forever. My name is Ally and I am eleven years old. Today was my first day at my new school. White Lake Middle School. But of course on the first day it just had to be raided by monsters. But I should really start from the beginning.

"Hurry up!" I yelled over my shoulder.

"Ok, ok I’m coming!"    Jesse replied. (Jesse was one of my best friends) Together we rushed towards the school. As soon as we got to the door my backpack was slipping off my shoulder, the little key chains rattling against each other.

"So you know your schedule yet?" I asked her. 

"Yep, art first then math. Sweet!"

"We have the same class! We better hurry or we will be late." Before we could get inside I heard roars from the sky. "What the heck?!" I yelled. Then I saw why. A giant, blue, thing soared over our heads.

"What is that?!!?" Jesse yelled. Before I could reply the large flying creature landed in front of us its eyes narrowed.

I silently mouthed, "Oh my god…" My face turned pale white, then I heard a very clear voice in the back of my head,  "Are you alright?" I quickly shook it off and looked at Jesse.

Nervously I replied to the dragon’s question, "I’m ok.." 

Jesse turned to look at me. "You can talk to it?!"

The dragon replied to Jesse’s question before I could, "I can talk through mind and through voice." The dragon’s voice sounded like a soft rumbling like a cat purring, only in the tone of something 100 times its size.

"So…" I asked, "why are you here?"

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Pokemon Essential Handbook, a review by Clifford

I read The Pokemon Essential Handbook. It is a really good book. It gives you cool facts about every Pokemon in the world alphabetically. It gives the height, weight, region, and type of over 640 Pokemon. My first favorite Pokemon is Gible. It is called the “Land Shark” Pokemon. It will nest in holes that it makes in caves. Gible will attack any Pokemon or human that goes by its hole. My new favorite is called Aron. It is called the “Iron Armor” Pokemon. Aron will be tempted to eat railroad tracks if it gets too hungry. This book will tell you all the moves that a Pokemon will learn and also it points out their next evolution. This book is for someone who really likes Pokemon. It is really helpful for someone who plays the video game.

I would give this book 4.5 out of 5 chocolate bars.

This book is appropriate for all ages (I read this book to my little brothers all the time). 

The cover is very shiny and shows some of the Pokemon that are in the book.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Book Title : Catching Fire
Format: Hardcover
Author: Suzan Collins
Length/number of pages: 289
Price : 13.99

Short Summary: Katniss Everdeen has to go back into the hunger games for the Quarter Quell. But it’s different scenery. And this game works like a clock. There are twice as many tributes because two victors from each district has to go in. This happens every twenty-five years. Some new characters are in this, too. Also their beloved district won’t be there anymore When Katniss returns to what she thinks is home. Some people believe that there is a thirteenth district; they are headed there because their districts are getting attacked because of some recent uprisings that have occurred in a few of the districts.

Peeta has to go back into the games to protect Katniss but she is really trying to protect him because last time Haymitch and Peeta were set on protecting her. Also they have to convince everyone one that they are in love because some districts think it’s just an act and some people aren’t very happy with them.

 Strengths/Weaknesses/Favorite Parts: My favorite part was when Katniss blew up the forcefield and they took them out of the games. And Peeta disappeared but a few people think he’s dead because they don’t know where he went.

Rating (out of five chocolate bars) 5
Appropriateness: Anyone
Cover Thoughts: I thought it represented the book very well because the mocking jay was what Katniss wore in the hunger games and it represented her district. And it still does throughout the entire series

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fangs on my Neck, original fiction by Lillian G.

Title: Fangs on my Neck
Author: Lillian.G        
Warning : This has swear words and  extremely creepy scenes in it.

Page1, Chapter1: The Capture

As I walked to my favorite  thinking spot in the woods.I got this funny feeling that I was being followed. Every time I looked back I saw nothing, and once I thought I saw a cat. But when I looked  again it was gone.Then I started running as fast as I could. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. It was pounding so hard I thought it would explode! Then I thought I could drown out the creepiness by listening to music.I didn't know how wrong I was. Then I started running again then I heard a twig snap and I looked behind me and I took out one of my headphones and started singing to my favorite song even though it was a parody of The Wanted by  a group called The War Zone  even though it was about Halo it was still entertaining to listen and watch.Then I turned around and my best friend Lily was right behind me.She is shorter then me with long brownish blond and she is  my best friend,  and she is a fiery spirit and she is also very kind and mischievous like an elf. Then we chatted for a bit and we walked into my thinking place. It was a tree house and a hot spring near a clearing where I can star gaze and since it was summer time me and Lily  spent most of our time there it was really easy to reach and it was very beautiful and peaceful. Sometimes me  and  some people from my RPG  club would  stage wars and me and Lily would be their prize. I would be her royal guard and Lily would be the princess. Sometimes guys dressed as elves would join my team and  we would defeat the opposing teams. Anyway we were walking and I began to get a very weird feeling  and so I challenged  Lily to a race then I heard breathing so I spun around to face  our  stalkers but then a pair of cold, delicate hands gripped my neck and a cold emotionless voice purred, "Don't move or we hurt your little friend here." My head was turned toward Lily and her cruel/beautiful captor. The guy that was  in a featureless white mask with only two holes for his emerald gem eyes that  seemed  to  express more emotion than  an entire face could. To me his eyes spoke of immense sadness and regret. Then he saw me staring and it's like a wall went up behind his eyes and he  looked down and  he peeled off  the bottom  part of his mask and lowered  his mouth near Lily's neck and I saw his fangs and my mind screamed, "Predator!!!"  but  I knew he was a vampire and I lifted up my foot and calculated how tall he was and Smash! My foot stuck home and his hands lifted for a second and that was all I needed and I punched his partner and put Lily over my shoulder and run as fast as I could.  I could hear them swearing and  running  and I dumped Lily into a cave and kept running  then two seconds later the  same hands were gripping my neck and I couldn't breath and as I fell into unconsciousness I said, "Beep you." and he replied smugly,"Too late!"  


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Walter Moers' Zamonian stories

Walter Moers’ Zamonian stories (as far as I know the books don’t have an order, they are ALL worth reading and are awesome!)

The Thirteen and A Half Lives Captain Blue Bear: This book is my favorite of the series because of its many MANY characters, abundance of settings and completely new and brilliant ideas and characters. It is really exciting and brilliant story filled with twists and unexpected experiences. DEFINITELY worth reading!!!

5 chocolate bars! I had no problem with the vocab. (though it is a longish book) The story starts with a baby blue bear floating in a walnut shell towards a giant vortex in the ocean. Luckily before he is killed by the giant whirlpool, a group of mini pirates comes to his rescue and raise him as their own. They teach him everything a mini pirate has to offer and when he grows too large for their tiny ship, sadly leave him on an island with some supplies, with that catapulting him into his second "life" (it just keeps getting better and better after that).

The Alchemasters’ Apprentice:  A crat (a rare creature that’s like a cat but way cooler, you’ll see ;) ) is starving on the streets of Malaisea is given an opportunity the city’s Alchemaster. He can starve to death in three days or he can live in luxury for two weeks before he’s used for alchemic experiments He needs to make allies and escape from the Alchemasters’ clutches before it's too late.

4 chocolate bars. Read it!

The City of Dreaming Books:  A young Lindworm is searching for the author to a mysterious manuscript he received from his god father (its PERFECT) he starts his search where his god father told the author to go, Bookholm (a city that’s just ALL about BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS!) when he accidently finds himself caught in a HUGE (it gets crazy) conspiracy fighting for his life in the HUMONGOUS catacombs of Bookholm. You’ll find out the rest on your own! ;) .

4 chocolate bars. Read it after you’re done with the Alchemaster's Apprentice!

Rumo and His Miraculous Adventures: Rumo (a young Wolperting, the best fighters in Zamonia) is living a pampered farm life when a group of Demonicles abducts him and his family starting his EPIC adventure. All Wolpertings have a silver thread they see in the sky it leads them to their one and only true love/to the city of Wolperting. (Wolpertings are abandoned as babies)  His silver thread is named Rala. He needs to save her and all of Zamonia from an unseen disaster.

4 ½ chocolate bars, save this book for last! Or do whatever, I’m not stopping you. My summaries might sound boring but PLEASE try them out!!!
Walter Moers (AKA the author of these amazing stories!)           
Painter, Walter Moers was born in Hamburg Germany 1957 and is a writer, cartoonist, and sculptor.  Careful with reading other books he’s written besides those mentioned (they may get political!).

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Vampire Angel Original [Part 2] Fiction By: Wolf Angel

The Vampire Angel [Part 2]

Ty smiles, "What classes do you have today?"

"I have LA then Math, after Math I have History. Of course after History is lunch then I have Spanish, and my last class is Art," Jenny says, just then the rest of the class comes in.

Ty sighs and goes to his seat. Jenny turns to look at the teacher, Mr. V (Mr. Vikings that's what he wants to be called but his last name is really Lee) walks into the classroom. He goes up to the front, and speaks, "Class, we are having home-base all day."

The class groans. "I'm kidding we have homebase until lunch. And we have a new student! Come up here, Tyler." Ty blushes and stands up. He walks up to the front by Mr. V. "Class, this is Tyler. Tyler, why don't you tell us a little about yourself?"

Ty starts talking. "Well, I'm Tyler, but please call me Ty. I came here from California when my mom and dad died in a car crash. I am now living with my Grandma and Grandpa." He finishes talking, then walks back to his seat that was behind Jenny.

Tori runs into the class room and says, "Jenny, we will find you and get you, you can't hide from us anymore. Meet us at the park 2:00 pm today or else." She falls down then wakes up, startled. The whole class looks at Jenny, scared. Tori gets up and starts walking away; she was fine and didn't remember anything. Jenny sighs and looks around then gets up. She runs out of the door then out of the school. Ty sees her leaving and goes after her.

Mr. V calls, "Jenny! Ty, come back!!" Ty keeps running after her, Jenny was running to the park.

Ty calls to Jenny, "Jenny, stop!!" [to be continued]