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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fangs on my Neck, original fiction by Lillian G.

Title: Fangs on my Neck
Author: Lillian.G        
Warning : This has swear words and  extremely creepy scenes in it.

Page1, Chapter1: The Capture

As I walked to my favorite  thinking spot in the woods.I got this funny feeling that I was being followed. Every time I looked back I saw nothing, and once I thought I saw a cat. But when I looked  again it was gone.Then I started running as fast as I could. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. It was pounding so hard I thought it would explode! Then I thought I could drown out the creepiness by listening to music.I didn't know how wrong I was. Then I started running again then I heard a twig snap and I looked behind me and I took out one of my headphones and started singing to my favorite song even though it was a parody of The Wanted by  a group called The War Zone  even though it was about Halo it was still entertaining to listen and watch.Then I turned around and my best friend Lily was right behind me.She is shorter then me with long brownish blond and she is  my best friend,  and she is a fiery spirit and she is also very kind and mischievous like an elf. Then we chatted for a bit and we walked into my thinking place. It was a tree house and a hot spring near a clearing where I can star gaze and since it was summer time me and Lily  spent most of our time there it was really easy to reach and it was very beautiful and peaceful. Sometimes me  and  some people from my RPG  club would  stage wars and me and Lily would be their prize. I would be her royal guard and Lily would be the princess. Sometimes guys dressed as elves would join my team and  we would defeat the opposing teams. Anyway we were walking and I began to get a very weird feeling  and so I challenged  Lily to a race then I heard breathing so I spun around to face  our  stalkers but then a pair of cold, delicate hands gripped my neck and a cold emotionless voice purred, "Don't move or we hurt your little friend here." My head was turned toward Lily and her cruel/beautiful captor. The guy that was  in a featureless white mask with only two holes for his emerald gem eyes that  seemed  to  express more emotion than  an entire face could. To me his eyes spoke of immense sadness and regret. Then he saw me staring and it's like a wall went up behind his eyes and he  looked down and  he peeled off  the bottom  part of his mask and lowered  his mouth near Lily's neck and I saw his fangs and my mind screamed, "Predator!!!"  but  I knew he was a vampire and I lifted up my foot and calculated how tall he was and Smash! My foot stuck home and his hands lifted for a second and that was all I needed and I punched his partner and put Lily over my shoulder and run as fast as I could.  I could hear them swearing and  running  and I dumped Lily into a cave and kept running  then two seconds later the  same hands were gripping my neck and I couldn't breath and as I fell into unconsciousness I said, "Beep you." and he replied smugly,"Too late!"  



  1. cant wait tell you put more up!! i hope it comes out sooon. please put up more soon!!!

  2. ithink its AWEOSME more awesome than my super p!zza dance :) i am so happ y u making more chapters!!!

  3. Interesting, I like the begging but not the end because i dont know how it ends!!


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