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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Vampire Angel Original [Part 2] Fiction By: Wolf Angel

The Vampire Angel [Part 2]

Ty smiles, "What classes do you have today?"

"I have LA then Math, after Math I have History. Of course after History is lunch then I have Spanish, and my last class is Art," Jenny says, just then the rest of the class comes in.

Ty sighs and goes to his seat. Jenny turns to look at the teacher, Mr. V (Mr. Vikings that's what he wants to be called but his last name is really Lee) walks into the classroom. He goes up to the front, and speaks, "Class, we are having home-base all day."

The class groans. "I'm kidding we have homebase until lunch. And we have a new student! Come up here, Tyler." Ty blushes and stands up. He walks up to the front by Mr. V. "Class, this is Tyler. Tyler, why don't you tell us a little about yourself?"

Ty starts talking. "Well, I'm Tyler, but please call me Ty. I came here from California when my mom and dad died in a car crash. I am now living with my Grandma and Grandpa." He finishes talking, then walks back to his seat that was behind Jenny.

Tori runs into the class room and says, "Jenny, we will find you and get you, you can't hide from us anymore. Meet us at the park 2:00 pm today or else." She falls down then wakes up, startled. The whole class looks at Jenny, scared. Tori gets up and starts walking away; she was fine and didn't remember anything. Jenny sighs and looks around then gets up. She runs out of the door then out of the school. Ty sees her leaving and goes after her.

Mr. V calls, "Jenny! Ty, come back!!" Ty keeps running after her, Jenny was running to the park.

Ty calls to Jenny, "Jenny, stop!!" [to be continued]

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