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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Walter Moers' Zamonian stories

Walter Moers’ Zamonian stories (as far as I know the books don’t have an order, they are ALL worth reading and are awesome!)

The Thirteen and A Half Lives Captain Blue Bear: This book is my favorite of the series because of its many MANY characters, abundance of settings and completely new and brilliant ideas and characters. It is really exciting and brilliant story filled with twists and unexpected experiences. DEFINITELY worth reading!!!

5 chocolate bars! I had no problem with the vocab. (though it is a longish book) The story starts with a baby blue bear floating in a walnut shell towards a giant vortex in the ocean. Luckily before he is killed by the giant whirlpool, a group of mini pirates comes to his rescue and raise him as their own. They teach him everything a mini pirate has to offer and when he grows too large for their tiny ship, sadly leave him on an island with some supplies, with that catapulting him into his second "life" (it just keeps getting better and better after that).

The Alchemasters’ Apprentice:  A crat (a rare creature that’s like a cat but way cooler, you’ll see ;) ) is starving on the streets of Malaisea is given an opportunity the city’s Alchemaster. He can starve to death in three days or he can live in luxury for two weeks before he’s used for alchemic experiments He needs to make allies and escape from the Alchemasters’ clutches before it's too late.

4 chocolate bars. Read it!

The City of Dreaming Books:  A young Lindworm is searching for the author to a mysterious manuscript he received from his god father (its PERFECT) he starts his search where his god father told the author to go, Bookholm (a city that’s just ALL about BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS!) when he accidently finds himself caught in a HUGE (it gets crazy) conspiracy fighting for his life in the HUMONGOUS catacombs of Bookholm. You’ll find out the rest on your own! ;) .

4 chocolate bars. Read it after you’re done with the Alchemaster's Apprentice!

Rumo and His Miraculous Adventures: Rumo (a young Wolperting, the best fighters in Zamonia) is living a pampered farm life when a group of Demonicles abducts him and his family starting his EPIC adventure. All Wolpertings have a silver thread they see in the sky it leads them to their one and only true love/to the city of Wolperting. (Wolpertings are abandoned as babies)  His silver thread is named Rala. He needs to save her and all of Zamonia from an unseen disaster.

4 ½ chocolate bars, save this book for last! Or do whatever, I’m not stopping you. My summaries might sound boring but PLEASE try them out!!!
Walter Moers (AKA the author of these amazing stories!)           
Painter, Walter Moers was born in Hamburg Germany 1957 and is a writer, cartoonist, and sculptor.  Careful with reading other books he’s written besides those mentioned (they may get political!).

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