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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Search Ch. 2, original fiction by fluffyvragon13

Things Get Weird

(For Chapter 1, click on "The Search" in the tags!)

The first trap he ran into was a rope sticking out of a bush. He was on the ground trying to get up and he saw a tall man with a black mask. Ben cut the rope and ran the opposite way he was supposed to. “MOM…DAD!” yelled Ben at the top of his lungs. He got to the lake and realized he was going the wrong way, yet he was at a different part of the lake. 

He looked around for a while. Then he saw he was on the other side of the lake of his cabin. He heard leaves crumpling. “Hello?” said Ben. He turned around and saw a little wolf running toward him. The wolf sniffed him and licked his hand. "Hey there, little puppy." 

"Woof," said the wolf. 

"I will call you Snippy." Because Snippy had nipped his hand before. Ben started to walk and Snippy followed him. Snippy saw a fish jump out of the water, so he jumped and swallowed it in one bite. Now to get my mom and dad. So he  ran toward the way he was supposed to. Just  then he saw the same man behind a tree. 

The man gave him a small axe and said, "You will need this." Then the man ran off. 

What was that all about? Then Ben and Snippy ran off again.


  1. Good job looking for parents! They can usually help in a bind.

    1. Yeah, at least Ben is not one of those kids who don't care about his parents;)


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