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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday Wondering: What Makes a Book Good?

Wednesday Wondering: What makes a book good? by Lilly,The Muse
Today I interviewed multiple students in my school about what they want to read in a book. There were only three girl volunteers, many boy volunteers, and one teacher.
(I have created code names for people whose names I didn't know.) 

Volunteer#1: Violence and adventure.
Guns, violence, blood, gore and a bit of mystery, but not too much so I don't get confused. --Mason

The same thing as Mason but no mystery and lots of violence.

Mystery, action, and fantasy. --Giggle Monster

Action, killing, fantasy, and at least one death. --H.1.M.

Blood, guts, gore, death, and machine guns. And death. -- Random Man

I don't know. As long as it's interesting I don't care. --Manly Man
Guns, death, murder, and aliens. --Person 2

Murder, fantasy, death, and with a movie about it so I don't get confused.  --Person 3

Death, destruction, and cyborgs. --Gabe

Death, fantasy, and many deaths. --Male volunteer
Nothing boring. --Gamer Man(Duh)
(sorry for the monotony but these are the answers)

I don't care as long as it has pictures. --Giggle Dude
(this is what our male youth is becoming....illiterate)

I love violence in books and them being about a video game. --The Man
(so basically a gaming manual)
Some times I like fantasy, non realistic (science fiction), and sometimes I like realistic fiction like medical thrillers. I like realistic characters, but most of all something that changes my point of view  about something. --Teacher X

Violence, action, and adventure. --Text Master

No romance and all action and pictures. --Handsome Man

(In my defense, these people were volunteers and came willingly. Don't shoot me; I'm the messenger.)

Personally, I like diversity in the books I read, but I'm not crazy about non-fiction books. I love books that can take me away from this world and its problems.

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  1. Hm, the overwhelming desire for violence is kind of disappointing... Action, sure! Violence? :(


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