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Monday, October 31, 2011

Hoot, by Carl Hiaasen

Here at In the Middle (of a Good Book), we've been on a Hiaasen reading spree, so here's our third review of one of his books!
Name: -Aligator-
Grade: 6
Book Title; Hoot
Format: Paperback
Author: Carl Hiaasen
Number of pages: 304
Price: Library copy. Maybe around 10-20 dollars.

Short Summary:
Hey everyone! At the blog, we have a Carl Hiaasen Theme. So, I`m doing, Hoot. First off, Hoot is an amazing book. The main character, Roy, is used to being the new kid, and guess what? He gets to be it, again. Dana is the Trace Middle School bully. And when Roy is sitting by himself on the bus, Dana can`t wait to smash the new kid's face into the window. But Roy sees more than the foggy glass window. He sees a barefoot boy, not much younger than Roy himself. And when Roy decides to follow the boy, he gets into trouble, and into the best owl-saving plan ever...

My favorite part of the book is when everybody gathers with picket signs to protest against the new restaurant. It`s a total "good-guys always win!" moment. One of the book's weaknesses was it was all kinda set up, so to speak. Everything was a little too perfect.... I think that if you were to put in some scenes where they almost get caught, it would make the book just a little bit better, because Hoot is a perfect book altogether. Anyone will fall in love with this great book. Another book on my Christmas list. Really, if you haven`t read Hoot, you were either lost for the past while, or your friends just forgot to tell you....

Rating: 5/5 chocolate bars
Appropriateness: Fairy princess
Cover Thoughts: The cover is amazing. Not so detailed and eye popping, but think, most of the books out there are just that. Eye popping and detailed. It`s nice to see a simple book cover for a change. Personally, I think it`s a great cover!

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  1. WOW! Sounds amazing. I think I might have to add this to my christmas list aswell.


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