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Monday, April 30, 2012

SLIDE: a review by littleangel

Title: Slide Author: Jill Hathaway
Format: nook ebook
Price: $9.00
Length: 186 pages
Slide is about this girl named Sylvia or Vee, and she had the ability to slide into other people. She tells everyone it's narcolepsy, but every time someone leaves an emotional imprint on an object and she touches it, she sees what they see. Her mother died of cancer and now it’s just her sister, her dad, and her, but her sister is turning into what she used to be, her dad is away saving lives when the two need him the most, and Vee is just trying to get through life without sliding into everyone she knows. Everything is going fine; she even meet this hot new boy who seems to like her! Until her sister's friend Sophie dies and everyone thinks it suicide, but Vee slid into the body of the killer. Now as she’s trying to pick up the pieces of her sister, trying to convince her dad to stay home to help her sister, figuring out what she feel for this new boy, and trying to fix her friendship with her best friend, she's trying to find out who killed Sophie before they get away, or kill someone else.
This book I must say was really in touch with what someone might do in this situation, I was never thinking to the book, ‘Why do that are you that dumb?’ because I find myself asking the character that so many in some of the books I read. I really like how she never gave enough clues to know who it was till she almost told you herself. Now when reading this book I really got addicted rather fast, and when this girl on my bus tried to talk to me I kind of gave her the cold shoulder.
Now the, main thing in this book I didn’t like was the fact that there was so much bad stuff going on in the high school. Maybe because I’m not in high school yet or because I just somehow avoided the people doing stupid things but I just feel like high school isn’t that bad. Another thing was (SPOILER ALERT!) the people I wanted together didn’t get together in the end! But that’s more an opinion matter than anything else!
I really liked the cover. It takes nothing away about the book! I just like the look of it . You might find it in this cover or another with a girl with half of her face and wide eye, it's kind of scary. I liked this cover because I never really know what's going on in the background and it's just wow.
In the end, though, I highly recommend this book -- it’s amazing!!! It’s for 8th graders and over because of content and language.
4.5 out of 5 chocolate bars

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