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Friday, May 25, 2012

Twenty Boy Summer, a review by Brooke

Title: Twenty Boy Summer 
Author: Sarah Ockler
Format: Paperback copy
Price: $8.99

Plot Summary:  An interesting story about two girls undergoing a mission. What mission you may ask? While planning the “ABSOLUTE BEST SUMMER EVER; The A.B.S.E” the Anna and Frankie come up with a plan.  Months after Matt’s death, Frankie’s brother dies in a tragic accident and Anna and Frankie survive. Anna has been putting off telling her best friend about the boyfriend she had. Matt was supposed to tell Frankie about the sudden love.

Frankie and Anna are going on a vacation to Zanzibar Bay for twenty days. Anna and her friend decide to meet one guy every day for their vacation. Frankie’s idea.  Thinking nothing of it, Anna agrees. Can Anna love another guy after losing one love of her life before?

Main Characters:
Anna: The best friend of Frankie. She mourns over the loss of Matt. She neglects telling her best friend what happened that night when Anna and Matt fall in love.
Frankie: Frankie is Matt’s sister. After Matt dies, Frankie becomes a whole different person. She starts to shut other people out of her life and she changes her appearance.
Matt: Matt is introduced in the beginning of the book. Anna keeps thinking if she were to have another boyfriend she would be cheating on a “dead guy” Matt’s memory lives on throughout the book by all the characters.

Strengths and Weaknesses: The beginning and the ends of the book were very well written. The middle of the book could get kind of boring but then the action would pick up and there would be twists to the story and you couldn’t put the book down.

Ending thoughts: All throughout the book I was on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next! Everyone seemed to be okay and they accepted who they were.

My thoughts on the book: Looking at the book, I thought it would be a sappy-love story. It’s much more than that. Anna and Frankie put themselves together piece by piece and figure out who they are.  The imagery and use of description are impeccable! There is some humor involved in the sad parts to lighten up the mood. Overall it was a very enjoyable, well-written book!

Theme: The theme to Twenty Boy Summer is never give up hope. Anna thinks she’ll never find someone else after the loss of Matt. Another possible theme to this book would be that loosing a loved one can be hard but life can still go on.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 chocolate bars
Appropriateness: Some minor swearing. Some sexual content is mentioned.
Cover Thoughts:  I personally think that looking at this book may seem like this is for a younger audience. Twenty Boy Summer is a book that I believe can be read by any age group that is mature enough to handle the language and content of this book. The cover picture is eye-catching yet subtle.


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  1. So glad you guys liked it! We read this recently and thought it was much deeper than we expected (although yes, the middle probably could have been paced better). You can see our thoughts here: http://www.weheartya.com/2012/05/boys-i-mean-books-of-summer.html


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