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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

If You Could Meet an Author...

If I could meet any one author, I would be torn between meeting Brandon Sanderson and Scott Westerfeld.

This is what some of my friends and teachers said:

Ms. Nordskog, our crazed, chocolate-loving science teacher, said that she would like to meet Isaac Newton (despite the fact that he's dead) because he wrote one of the most important scientific papers of all time.

Ms. Filippini, our awesome, crazy band teacher said she would like to meet either Dean Koontz or Stephen King, the latter because she thinks he would be an interesting guy to meet.

My good, crazy, weird buddy Flann thought meeting Jay Asher, the author if Th1rteen R3asons Why, would be cool for reasons unknown to the rest of us.

A pair of 8th graders (also known as Sara and Skylar) would like to meet Kazuki Takahashi, their favorite manga author.

My dog-loving, awesome, crazy friend Abby would like to meet Pseudonymous Bosch, the author of The Name of this Book is Secret.

The eighth-grade Kaila would like to meet Anne Rice, who is the author of the books The Vampire Chronicles.

The cello-playing, awesome Kyra would like to meet Kathy Reichs, the author of many books, one of which is is 206 Bones.

Lachelle, another of my peers in this blogging elective, would also like to meet Jay Asher because he wrote her favorite book.

If you could meet any one author, who would it be? Why? What if you have two authors you couldn't decide between? Reply in the comments, please!  :)



  1. Totally agree with Westerfeld. That would be awesome! :D

  2. Thanks for commenting:)

    P.S. Have you read his Leviathan books?

  3. I would love to meet Jimmy Buffett, he is my favorite all time singer-song writer and he also has dabbled in writing. If you could arrange that Ellie I would be eternally grateful!

    Mr. O

    PS - Love the Blog!

  4. Thanks for the comment, Mr.O, but this is theoretical. If you don't know the difference, I suggest you go ask Mrs.Harold.

  5. Yes! I'm cello-playing and awesome! :D I loved everything everyone had to say. If I could meet an author besides Kathy Reichs, I think I'd go Ms. Nordskog's way and choose Sigmund Freud. Definitely a great scientist I'd love to meet ;)


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