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Monday, January 31, 2011

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice
By Jane Austen

My step mom got me into the Jane Austen movies when I was 11, and this year I thought that it would be fun to read the books. I read Pride and Prejudice. This book is set in the time period around the 19oo's. In this book the Bennett sisters have to find a husband so that they can have some of their father's land. Jane, being the oldest and most mature one, meets one Mr.Bingley and they struggle to stay together because of Mr.Bingley's sister. The second oldest, Elizabeth, falls in love with the stubborn Mr. Darcy, who isn't here for love but to help his friend. Mr.Darcy's stubbornness blinds him, and he doesn't see Miss.Bennett (Elizabeth) until she starts to show herself more around him.

Some more drama in this book is that one of the Bennetts' cousins, Mr. Collins, steps in between Mr.Darcy and Elizabeth and asks Elizabeth for her hand in marrage. But since she is waiting for Mr.Darcy, she refuses and Mr.Collins ends up marrying Elizabeth's best friend. But after all the running away and eloping, it all turns out fine in the end.

I liked this book because I could relate to the characters--all of them, in bits and pieces.  Jane Austen did a nice job creating a "mind movie" in the book because I could see what was happening.  I think the book was a lot better than the movies.  I always (or mostly always) think that about books and movies because in the book they give more detail than the movies, and I like most of their plots better. 
I think I'll read another Austen book. My step-mom just bought me Emma and another book by Jane Austen, too.  I got these things for my birthday, which had a Jane Austen theme this year.
I would rate this book 5/5 chocolate bars!


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  1. "This book is set in the time period around the 19oo's." are you infering that Mrs Jane Austen was a futurist? ..since she was born somewhere around 1775 and kinda died in 1817


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