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Friday, January 21, 2011

Interview with Bethany Griffin, author of Handcuffs

Bethany Griffin, YA Author Extraordinaire!

This is an interview by Kaylin with YA author Bethany Griffin, whose debut Handcuffs is an amazing story "of an Ice Princess, the boy who wants to thaw her, and everything that happens after they get caught with a pair of handcuffs."  --from Bethany's website

I was in love with Handcuffs.  Are you planning on writing a sequel?  Why or why not, and do you ever think you'd revisit Parker's world or family again? 

No. I think that Parker's story is finished. Now, I did write a few pages of a sequel right after I finished drafting it because I wasn't ready to write about anyone else. But...it didn't say much that was new about Parker or her ex-boyfriend, so I knew I didn't really need to finish it. 

I also absolutely loved the character of Parker.  She's fun, witty, and all kinds of awesome and amazing.  Was she modeled after anyone that you might know?  If not, how do you go about creating a character that is so vivid and has so much depth? 
Well, a bit of her is based on me. 
Speaking of Parker, my friend and I noticed that her boyfriend is always referred to as "him" or "he", but never given a name.  Is there a reason for that?  If so, why? 
Nothing particularly deep. I didn't have a name for him when I started, but the first few scenes that he's in, it's always obvious who he is without a name. I wanted to see if I could keep that up throughout the book, and so, I did! Also, using someone's name shows a certain comfort with that person...and the fact that Parker never says his name shows that she's always a little off balance with him. 
When Parker and her boyfriend are, shall we say, caught in the act, why are they only as far as they are, and not farther?  Would that just have been too awkward to write about, or were you worried about the audience reading, or what? 
I like developing sexual tension. With those two characters, I didn't feel like they needed to be further along than they were for there to be sparks between them. 
Are you working on any books right now?  If so, what are they about? 
Well, right now I'm working on a crazy dystopian steam-punk retelling of an Edgar Allan Poe story. With quite a bit of romance in it. Totally different from Handcuffs. :) 
And last, but not least, what is your favorite color, and what is your favorite way to enjoy chocolate?
Green?  and dark chocolate with raspberry filling. 
Thanks, Bethany, for allowing us to interview you--it's been a great honor.  I'm excited about the Poe retelling, and I think everyone should read Handcuffs!
:) Kaylin


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