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Friday, January 14, 2011

Guest Review: Shadows Past, by Lorna Freeman

A book report blog post by JJ00154...

Lorna Freeman did it again. She wrote another amazing continuation to the Borderlands series.  Shadows Past is the third book in the series, so characters are only partially introduced.  You have to read the first two to get the whole story.

Freeman has an interesting style of writing.  She mixes combat, politics, romance, and comedy into the perfect concoction of a fantasy storyline with some random comical twists.

The characters include Rabbit, a mage born human (human mages are rare), who controls all four aspects (even rarer): Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth.  Lauren, a mountain cat who takes Rabbit under his wing--or rather his paw.  The King, also Rabbit's cousin, pronounces Rabbit as the Only Heir to the Kingdom of Ivertene.

In this book, Rabbit is invited to stay at the castle of his mom's old fiance.  While there, he gets marriage proposals from the lord of the castle and the princess from the second-most-powerful kingdom in existence.  He also survives several assassination attempts.

Read this amazing novel and find out who Rabbit chooses.

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