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Friday, January 28, 2011

Review of Shadow Thieves by Anne Ursu

Review of Shadow Thieves, by Anne Ursu

Something extraordinary is about to happen to Charlotte Mielswetzski.
It's not the very cute kitten that appears out of nowhere. It's not the arrival of her cousin Zee, who believes he's the cause of a mysterious sickness that has struck his friends back in England. And it's not the white-faced, yellow-eyed men in tuxedos who follow Charlotte everywhere. What's so extraordinary is not any one of these things. It's all of them.

When Charlotte's friends start to get sick, Charlotte and Zee set out to find a cure. Their quest leads them to a not-so-mythical Underworld, where they face Harpies that love to rhyme, gods with personnel problems, and ghosts with a thirst for blood.

Charlotte and Zee learn that in a world overrun by Nightmares, Pain, and Death, the really dangerous character is a guy named Phil. And then they discover that the fate of every person -- living and dead -- is in their hands. (Summary from Amazon.com)

I really liked this book. Not only does it have Greek gods, it is funny and well written. One thing I didn't like is how the story seemed to switch from one point to another. It didn't transition very smoothly from one event to event. Also, it reminded me too strongly of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, what with the whole Greek gods concept and venturing into the Underworld... I'm sorry to say it, but the Shadow Thieves just can't fill Percy Jackson's shoes.

On the other hand, it was a very interesting plot. Greek myths kept popping up, and it helped inform the readers about what was happening. A little extra information is always good.

I really liked how the Greek gods all had their own personalities. They were like people! They had such nifty senses of humor!

I rate this book 3 out of 5 chocolate bars!

Happy Reading!! ~Stev

P.S. This might be my last post... I know you will miss me tons! (just kidding)



  1. I was sad when this series ended after three books. Can't wait to see what she writes next.

  2. i loved this series i thought it was great i just finished immortal fire really hope she writes more with Charlotte,Zee,Mr. Metos, and Philecrone.


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