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Monday, December 5, 2011

Book Review: Paint the Wind, by Pam Munoz Ryan

screen name: -Aligator-
Grade: 6
Book Title: Paint The Wind
Format: Paperback
number of pages: 316
Price: $6.99
Short Summary: Maya lives with her grandmother, who is all about discipline. Maya can`t wear jeans, t-shirts, or anything fun. She doesn`t have any friends, pobably because of how she dresses. And her parents? They died. Both. All she has left of them is a box full of toy horses, which her grandmother would MURDER HER if she found out about them.

Maya`s grandmother hates Maya`s mom, a lot. She cuts out her face out of photos, or puts up photos without her mom. When Maya`s grandma has a heart attack, Maya comes to live with her strange relatives on her mom`s side, which turn out to be her new family. She also meets Payton, her cousin, and her mom`s old horse, Artemisia. I don`t want to give too much away, so I can`t explain anymore. The book is beautifully written, just to point it out! I really enjoyed reading the fantastic story of a girl who realizes she can be anything she wants.
Rating: 5 Chocolate bars!
Appropriateness: Fairy Princess
Cover Thoughts: I LOVE the cover. It`s mysterious and dramatic, It`s exiting yet somehow calm. It shows an amazing looking horse, running in the wind.

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