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Monday, March 19, 2012

The Mother Daughter Book Club: A review by Fluffadoodle

The Mother Daughter Book Club

Author: Heather Vogel Frederick


Format: Paperback

Cassidy's the biggest jock ever. Emma's read every book in the world. Jess misses her mother. Megan just wants to be at the mall. This is the story of four completely different girls whose mothers drag them to the newly formed book club. As they're forced to read Little Woman, the four girl start to develop a bond. In spite of there differences, the girls help one another get through a stolen journal reading, a pancake fight parade, a missing mother, and more. Luckily, they might actually make it through sixth grade.

Here is a small part:

NO, she texts back. I CAN'T! Becca's mother was going to drive us to the mall tonight to celebrate our first day of middle school, but now I can't go. My stupid mother signed us up for some stupid bookclub without even asking me!

Strengths/Weaknesses/Favorite Parts
I really like how well the author describes all of the characters, and how the book is really appealing for all girls, no matter what their interests are. My favorite part was probably when the four girls go to New York.

Rating (out of five chocolate bars): 5 bars!

Appropriateness: Fairy Princess--that's the rating, but don't let it discourage you vampires out there. Same for you deaths.

Cover Thoughts: I didn't like the cover. I really like the image, but I don't think it should have been pink. Seriously! The book isn't pink ponies and fluffy clouds! They could have at least made it blue!!!

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