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Friday, March 16, 2012

One more lonely Girl - original fiction by Cece07

One More Lonely Girl: original fiction by Cece07

Chapter 1: 

Have you ever felt that feeling when you want to just disappear in thin air? I have many a time. You feel you're alone and frustrated and sometimes humiliated, you just want to hiss and run away.. like I do. My name is Annabelle by the way... I am an orphan. My parents died of a car crash when I was two.  I was in the car and sadly had to survive. My whole family is dead, all except my great aunt Jane who is like a shriveled up prune that you'd find between your couch cushions when you were digging for the remote. I am alone in this world...and will probably always be alone. I paint. All the time, I paint big canvases, normally dull and mostly black pictures. Why,you might ask? Because that's what I feel. I feel like...like...ME.  I have To to go eat the mush and beans my aunt calls food. Goodbye. - Annabelle

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