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Monday, October 1, 2012

Shiloh, a review by do nothing

Title: Shiloh
Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Format: Paperback

Shiloh is a book for serious readers. If you are not sure if you should read it, read it anyway. There are many parts where you will want to quit reading, if you read through it you won't regret it. It also has many good parts I won't say any because that would ruin the book.
There are many parts where you won't understand the plot (at least if you're me.) I think it may take place before Elvis Presley was born or maybe it takes place a day - a year after he died. (OH THANKS A LOT, YOU GOT ME OFF TRACK!)

Now I will tell you the plot. The boy named Marty will do any thing to save Shiloh. That is the plot, plain and simple.  The dog is being abused, and Marty doesn't think it's fair.  

The book's strengths are the way it explains about how Marty feels about the dog.  The book was a little slow.  It had a little too much description.

Appropriateness: there are uses of tobacco, and alcohol. There may be swearing a few times but I don't remember any. I wouldn't read this book if tobacco and alcohol will make you stop reading.

I'd rate this book 3.5 chocolate bars. 
Cover Thoughts:  I don't really know how much it has to do with the book.

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