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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday Wondering: Book Cover Edition

Wednesday Wondering:What draws you to a book & what forces you away from it? Post by The Muse.
Hi, it's me, The Muse, and I am here to answer a question about book covers. Here are some of the responses from a 7th grade language arts class about their thoughts on book covers. I filtered the bad ones and picked some of the best responses. Like the book blog, some have made up code names.

RESPONSES: (Good ones)

jellybean992: "Something that draws my attention is a picture maybe...it all depends, but  not people's faces. Something I wouldn't care for is inappropriate stuff such as swearing or killing."

The person: "Just something that would  catch your eye and would make you wonder about the book."

Anonymous source: "It's artsy and fun. I don't like really plain or boring pictures.  That just makes me think that is what the book will be like. If the cover is crazy and fun I'll read  it."   (For example on New Moon, this is sort of a boring picture to put on a book -- no offense, it should be in a art gallery.     Comment By The Muse.)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

LoL: "I think that  most of the books I like have the main characters on the cover."                                         
We the people: "I  think it should have a symbol on it like The Hunger Games, so I don't judge it like what I think about some one and their face."

The Conspiracy: "The covers matter to me because if it is boring I don't want to read it.The way I pick books out is how interesting the cover is."

The Cat mistress: "The book cover I remember is "warriors" the second book (I think) had the clan cats getting ready  for war. So I think a good book cover has the character or an occurence from the book."
Bobby Jones: "A book cover with cool designs on it and the main character on it doing something."

Gf of a cheater: "I like it when book covers don't have pictures on them. When they have photos on it makes me not want to read it."

What do you think?  What is your opinion about book covers?  Are there things you would rather not see on a cover, or are there images or designs that have drawn you to read books you might not have read otherwise?

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  1. I think a really good book cover has to have an eye popping picture with lots of bright colors.


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