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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

fan art

Hello this is Ren here. As I promised I drew fan art of the book I read. This one is fan art of The Last Apprentice: Revenge Of The Witch. The book is about a boy named Tom who was sent to work as an apprentice of a spook. A spook is some one who travels from village to village defending them of witches, boggarts, and ghosts--yes, ghosts. I drew one of my favorite characters: the Spook.

He has a name, but I think that would be kind of giving away spoilers. In the picture there are things that are mentioned in the book. On the left are the iron bars that are on the ground with a hand coming out.  In the book that's what you need to do to bind a witch. The rock on the right is a reference of how the apprentice before Tom, Billy, who was mentioned in the book, died. It's also the way of how to bind boggarts. They didn't mentioned how to bind ghosts but if they did I would of drawn that too.

This picture is based on the manga xxxHolic. The woman's name is Yuko, and the boy's name is Watanuki. The little black thing on the rope that Watanuki is pulling is named Mokona. In this scene, Yuko is forcing Watanuki to move a bunch of boxes with some rope. In all honesty, I doubt Watanuki will ever move them. Yuko probably knows he won't be able to move them, which is why she asked Watanuki to do it. The reason Watanuki is in an apron is because that's his "work uniform" Yuko makes him put on everyday. Mokona is trying to help Watanuki by cheering him on, but it's obvious the only thing Mokona is doing is adding more weight to what Watanuki is pulling.

This fan art is from the book A Great And Terrible Beauty. The drawing is of Gemma Doyle, the main character. I drew it because, well, I like to draw, and I was bored one day.  --Up North Girl


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