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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Review: The Cleric Quintet: Book II, The Sylvan Shadows



I am doing a reveiw on The Cleric Quintet: The Sylvan Shadows, by R.A. Salvatore. This is the second book in a series.

Cadderly, a young scribe/priest is journeying to the elven forest of Shilmista with Elbereth the elf prince and Danica the battle hardened monk who is his lover. He was sent on this mission by headmaster Avery. Once there, he notices that Shilmista is under attack from the goblin army of Castle Trinity. Danica, Cadderly, Elbereth and Shayleigh the elf maiden must help awaken the ancient trees to stop the invasion. afterwards, Cadderly sets of for the city of Carradoon trying to figure out the secrets of his life..................................................

The strengths of this book are there are good details about the feelings between the characters.  The characters are very easy to relate to.  The details are exquisite; it's amazing how he wrote the book.  It has a very good pace.  The book is upbeat, and you never really get bored while you're reading it.  I like it because it's one of the longer books I've read, and I'm always in need of a good book. 

I've read all of the books in this series, but I picked this one to review because I really liked the whole war going on in the Shilmista, which is the Elven forest. 

I rate it five chocolate bars! 
Appropriateness is half fairy princess and half vampire because there is a lot of violent details about the slicing of heads off and the bashing of skulls, that kind of thing, especially where Ivan and Pikel, the dwarven brothers, are concerned.

--Wolfboy409 out.

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