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Friday, February 17, 2012

11,000 Years Lost, by Peni R. Griffin: A Review by Fluffadoodle

Book Title: 11,000 Years Lost A book review by: Fluffadoodle
Format: Hardcover
Author: Peni R. Griffin
Length/number of pages: 300 pages
Price: I got it at the library, but it's $17.95 retail

Short Summary
Esther is an ordinary girl living in Texas, until she makes an amazing discovery. She finds an 11,000 year old spearhead near her playground. An archaeologist come, trying to find more ancient artifacts, but it's Esther who gets some answers. She find a doorway through time, and gets whisked away to a distant past-11,000 years distant! As she struggles to survive alongside her adopted family, mammoth hunters, she experiences a different lifestyle. One where no next meal is guaranteed, megafauna will kill you, and there is no medicine to help. Esther, with her knowledge of what will happen to the mammoths wants to help, but she also struggles to make her way back home. Esther doesn't want to live her life out 11,000 years from present day.

Strengths/Weaknesses/Favorite Parts, etc
I thought that the description of their daily life was really good, but I think that the gateways between the two times were a little bit strange--they could have been more prominent. I think I might be using that as an excuse though--it's a really awesome book.

Rating (out of five chocolate bars):5 bars-for sure!
Appropriateness: in between fairy princess and vampire because it takes place in the prehistoric times, so nobody is wearing many clothes.
Cover Thoughts: I really like the first cover image, it's very straight forward, even though it doesn't show an actual scene. The second one, I don't like as much. It has too much clutter I think, even if it does decipher a real scene from the book.


  1. this book was sucky too much reading

  2. i loved the book. very great!

  3. i just started reading this book for home school it sucks HARD #noh8 #sorrynotsorry

    1. i have the same homeschooling thing! options, right? I'm trying to find a summary or something cuz i don't wanna read this... looks really bad

    2. GOOD STUFF!!

  4. LOL!!! Your funny Kyla.... .. ..


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