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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

With or Without You by Brian Farrey, a review by Cece07

Title: With or Without You
Author:  Brian Farrey
Price: $8.99

Format: Soft cover

Evan Weiss is gay.  And so is his friend Davis.  And they are just being themselves. But when they decide to act--whether or not they should join a "group" called the chasers, they get a major school beating and decide at the speed of stupid that they should join the chasers.

Erik, (Evan's boyfriend) explained to Evan that the speed of stupid is deciding a decision at the split second with out thinking it through. And that cost Erik, Davis, and Evan a lot of time, effort, and pain. Erik starts questioning," Why were you acting so weird last night?" "Are you okay?" Finally he lies, ( of course) and keeps hiding his thoughts and feelings. But when it all catches up to him, he is forced to make a choice. Eric or Davis?

I thought it was a really good book.  It has you jumping out of your seat and screaming at one point.  I thought it was well-thought out, as a book.  Evan is an artist, and it's so cool because he does the strangest paintings.  I remember he did one of a  lamp post, and one of someone's nose, and it was so out there.  There were some exciting adventures.  It was a little inappropriate for me maybe, I'd say people should be in seventh or eighth grade at least.

Rating: 5 chocolate bars
Cover thoughts: It fits the story nice once you get into it. :)
Appropriateness: death rating, it has drugs, swearing, an sexual content


  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my book. I'm really glad you liked it!

  2. Oh my gosh thanks Brian!!Can I call You that??That means alot!! - Cece07

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