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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Hunger Games Trilogy: a review by MyPatronusIsARock

The Hunger Games Trilogy
screen name: MyPatronusIsARock
Grade: 6
Format: All 3 in hard cover
Author: Suzanne Collins
Price: $30.00 or so.
Short Summary:
The book doesn`t say exactly what year it takes place in, but you can tell it takes place in the future, after a long war. It was a war between the Districts (like states, and each one is in charge of a certain thing), which take up the place that used to be the United States. And there is a form of government, where one tiny district, called the Capitol, rules. So in the war, the Capitol saved all 13 districts from blowing each other up. Then the Districts were at peace, after the Capitol ended the war. But the Capitol wanted revenge, payment for their hard work at ending the war. District 13, which was in charge of nuclear weapons, was the Capitols target. So the Capitol used 13`s weapons and blew everything in District 13 up, to show the rest of Panem (the replacement name of USA) that the Capitol was incharge. They use the land that used to be 13 as video footage for TV. And after they blew up District 13, they started The Hunger Games. 74 years later, Katniss Everdeen, her mentally upset mother, and her little sister Prim go to the reaping, (this is when they gather to draw names for the Hunger Games). Prim`s name is drawn, and Katniss goes in to volunteer for Prim. that`s how Katniss`s adventure beings. With Peeta, the male tribute from her district, they get into the Hunger Games, and change the nation of Panem.
If there are any weaknesses to the book, which I believe there aren`t, one would be lazy readers. One of the main parts of the book that is well played out, is figuing out what happens in their world. It`s in the future, so, new tehnology, weapons, nature, and government. If one isn`t the type that likes to figure things out for themselves, well, this book may be a problem.
Cover thoughts: The cover of the book is brilliant. It just decribes the book with a simple symbol. The Mockingjay pin, is just the symbol of the books in general, and the symbol of "rebellion". Thats all I can say. This book is well written and very exciting. You can`t put it down!
Chocolate bars: 5
Rating: Death (Most extreme gore you can get, very violent concept, and other things like that)

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