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Monday, November 5, 2012

Bleeding Violet

Book Title: Bleeding Violet
Author: Dia Reeves
Format: paperback
Length/number of pages: 454
Price: $9.99

Short Summary:
"Crazy never looked so beautiful..."

Hanna is crazy. Not the kind of crazy where you say it jokingly, but legitimately crazy. After her father's death, Hanna is alone, an outcast, the freak. So she packs up her purple frilly dresses and all of her pills and heads to Portero,Texas, to find her mother.

But when Hanna gets there she finds Portero  is not all that it seems and might be a town crazier then her. How can Hanna fit in when all she wants is to be loved?


This book was really well-written. Hanna was the main narrator, which provided an interesting perspective. Hanna is a very interesting character; she has manic depression (she likes to call it this instead of calling it bipolar disorder), and she often gets hallucinations. Although she is suffering from a mental illness, she still cares a lot about her family and handles stressful situations well. All Hanna wants is to be loved, insanity and all. For a large portion of the book Hanna’s main motivation is to get her mother to accept her. All the other characters are well writen as well. The overall tone of the book is dark and slightly mysterious, but it still maintains a sense of humor.

I would give this book 4.8 chocolate bars out of five. I loved this book, but no book is perfect, and there were some bits that didn't quite make sense.
The maturity is probably death there where meny swear words and lots of gore.

Cover Thoughts:  It looked cool, but it didn't really have that much to do with the book. The quotes on it were nice.  It shows the main character, Hanna, but it's not that intriguing or exciting, in that it doesn't give you information about the plot of the book.

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  1. Well written, I hope when or if I read it that it will be as good as the cover makes it look.


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