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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Peeta vs. Gale: Wednesday Wondering

I surveyed a language arts class of 30 7th graders. I asked 4 questions concerning the topic “Peeta vs. Gale”.
1: Peeta or Gale?
2: Personality wise, Peeta or Gale?
3: Based on attractiveness, Peeta or Gale?
4: Based on their actions, Peeta or Gale?
On my main question of “Peeta vs. Gale” 17 people answered Peeta and 10 answered and Gale 9.
The second, 14 answered Peeta and 13 for Gale.
On my third question of attractiveness, 13 answered Gale and 14 Peeta.
 On the final question, 9 for Gale and 18 for Peeta. On question 3 there were many ‘interesting’ responses. Things like, “Xoxoxoxoxo he is sexy!” “Peeta bread is pretty darn handsome.” And "sexy” all from anonymous.
All in all, Peeta won in every category. But Gale came in very close on most of the questions.


  1. amazing just wonderful

  2. I love Gale so HOTTTTT

  3. That is very interesting it makes me wonder. Hmmm, I am still wonering.


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