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Friday, November 16, 2012

The Sword of Darrow: A Book Review By ArwenPond

Title: The Sword of Darrow
Format: Paperback (There is a hardcover addition but it's printed in a special way so it's easier for people with learning disabilities to read it.)
Author: Hal and Alex Malchow
Length: 372 pages
Price: $12

In a magical realm filled with creatures of every possible shape and size, war is brought upon the peaceful kingdom of Sonnencrest by evil goblin King Malmut. Princess Babette, the only surviving member of the royal family, manages to escape and seeks refuge with Asterux, a powerful wizard who agrees to teach Babette magic, and who disguises her as an ugly gypsy girl to protect her from King Malmut’s thugs.

Ten years later, Babette must use the magic she has learned to help aid the kingdom’s only hope at defeating the goblins’ horrible reign: Darrow, a lame boy who can barely pick up a sword but has a great gift for inspiring others. With Babette’s unseen help, Darrow begins a journey to free his country once and for all and bring peace back to Sonnencrest.

One of my favorite parts of this book isn't actually part of the book; my favorite part is that it's written by a father-son duo and the son has a reading disability. Everything about this book is inspiring -- the authors, the characters, and especially the story. Alex has a reading disability, yet with the help of his father, he was able to write a whole book, and it's amazing. Darrow is a lame boy from a small mountain village, yet he is able to lead a whole entire army. I would recommend this book to anyone, old or young. It's such an astounding story. If you've ever heard the song "Make Them Hear You" from Ragtime, well, this story just goes along with the song perfectly.

I rate this book 5 out of 5 chocolate bars. It's one of my favorites.
There is absolutely nothing inappropriate in this book, I would read this to a 5 year old if I knew they had the attention span for it.
The cover is really cool and matches the story really well. Although it isn't a scene in the book, it shows you all three of the main characters.

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  1. Hmm... scary, weird, and horrifying but yet I want to read it.


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