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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Gift of Magic, a review by Stephanie

Title: A Gift of Magic
Author: Lois Duncan
Format: Paperback
Price: unknown

"Her voice was fading and she named the gift very softly, but her daughter, who loved her greatly, did not hear."  This is how it started, three children with gifts.  One of which, named Nancy.  Nancy  was a smart girl with the gift of magic.  Her older sister Kirby had the gift of dance, while her little brother Brenden had the gift of music.  These three kids are children of a woman named Elizabeth, and the story starts with the family moving.  The last move.  Elizabeth and her husband finally decided to go their separate ways, and Elizabeth and the kids settled down in Florida.

Now the kids find their way in life, whether it's Kirby finding a dance studio, or Brenden trying to stay out of trouble with his new friend Greg, or even the fact that Nancy is just figuring out her ability, her gift of magic.

A Gift of Magic was a very quick and good book to read that wasn't full of action at all times, but kept me engaged all the same.  I do wish they would have added more about Nancy's gift and Brenden's gift, too.  But the prologue was suspenseful, and the epilogue was very informative.  At the end of the book, if the epilogue wasn't there, I would be very confused on how they could just end the book there.

But as for the cover, I absolutely loved it!!!!  It was simple, and the way it pictured Nancy's gift was spot on.  It showed how much Nancy can see through her thoughts.  I thought it was very cool.

As for appropriateness, it was a completely and utterly appropriate book for all ages.

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