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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Second Summer of the Sisterhood, a review by Maggie

The Second Summer of the Sisterhood; a Review by Maggie
Title- The Second Summer of the Sisterhood
Author- Ann Brashares
Format- Hardcover
Price- $15.95 (U.S.) / $23.95 (Can.)

Plot Summary- In book two of a four book series Bridget, Carmen, Tibby, and Lena go off on their second summer passing around these “magical” pants that, even though the girls are not the same size, the pants fit all of them. Tibby decides that working at Wallman's isn’t how she wants to spend her summer again so she gets into a college film making program. Carmen starts to worry that her mom may possibly be going “boy crazy” especially when her mom wears the pants on a date. In not liking her mom’s new boyfriend, David, Carmen manages to break the two up but then realizes it was a big mistake. Bridget decides to go to Alabama to secretly find information about her dead mom from her grandmother and ends up meeting up with some old friends she used to play soccer with when she was younger. Lena dreadfully misses her Ex, Kostos, who she met on her trip to Greece the summer before and when Kostos surprisingly shows up in the United States they do some things and then he suddenly disappears back to Greece leaving Lena determined to find out why when she returns after her grandfather’s death.

Character Analysis-  
Bridget- the summer prior Bridget had spent quickly falling in love with her soccer coach at camp but in realizing how she had acted Bridget quits playing soccer, and becomes very quiet. After spending her summer pretending to be a girl named Gilda helping her grandmother around the house Bridget learns a lot about her dead mother and grows a strong relationship with her grandmother.
Tibby- Tibby is what most parents would call a rebellious daughter but finds her joy in filmmaking and goes to take a college course. Not realizing it, she starts to cause damage to the people who really love her when trying to make new friends but when she steps back at looks at what she is doing she turns herself around, leaves her new friends to make things better.
Lena-  Lena is a very pretty yet quiet girl who misses her ex living back in Greece a lot. When she finds out that he is now getting married to a women he doesn’t love it hurts her a lot. Then she meets Carmen’s stepbrother, Paul, and they really like each other.
Carmen- Carmen is very sensitive and when her mom gets into a more serious relationship she feels like he is getting more attention from her mom than she is. After causing the break up between them, and her mom becoming depressed she realizes her mom deserves to be happy and tries to fix things.

The theme to really all four books would be that no matter how far or how close you are from the people you truly love you will always still love them.

Strengths, Weakness, favorite parts of the book-  
I think the strengths of this book would really be the message sent out with the girl’s friendship. I feel there were no real weaknesses but that’s just me.               

My favorite part of the book would probably be the ending because everything that had gone wrong during their summers turned out alright.

The ending of the book is really about all four girls realizing what is best. With Lena, finding someone new, Bridget, gaining a relationship with her grandmother, Tibby, fixing what she had broken, and Carmen, getting her mom and David back together.

Rating- 5 out of 5 chocolate bars!!! (Now to watch the movie J )

Book cover- I think the book cover fits the story 100% because the books are really all about these magical pants that travel with all the girls making memories they all will never forget so having a picture of the pants is perfect.

Appropriateness- I would say this book is definitely a young adult book. The book uses some sketchy language and does reference sex but otherwise it has a positive message to it.

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