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Monday, June 4, 2012

Hunted, a review by Miranda

Title: Hunted
Authors: P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast
Format: I read Hunted as an ebook on my nook.
Price:  $8.99

Summary:  Zoey and red fledglings are fighting Neferet and Kalona. They stay underground while the raven mockers run rampant throughout the streets and House of Night (for vampyre fledglings.) Zoey is injured and must go back to the House of Night in order to survive. She finds out that Neferet wants her to leave her goddess, Nyx, for the fallen angel, Kalona.

Zoey: a young fledgling priestess who has affinities for all five of the elements: wind, water, fire, air, and spirit. She is fighting for her life as well for her friends lives while she stays faithful to her goddess Nyx. She has a very confusing love life as she struggles between her vampyre, human, and red fledgling lovers.
Aphrodite: a previous fledging who becomes human after saving red vampyre, Stevie Rae.
Stevie Rae: First red vampyre who is Zoey’s best friend.
Erik: Zoeys vampyre boyfriend
Heath: Zoey’s human boyfriend
Neferet: Vampyre priestess who is under the rule of Kalona.
Kalona: Fallen angel who has been trapped underground for many years after being trapped by native women. He is the father of the raven mockers.
Stark: red fledgling who has a special power and Zoey has feelings for him.

Theme: The theme to me seems to be that you need to stay true to yourself and faithful to those around you. Also to choose good over evil and protect what’s important to you.

Strengths: it has a great pace, it’s action-packed, it gets you hooked immediately, and it was very suspenseful!
Weakness: has a little too much sexual content and is confusing at parts.
My favorite part is when Zoey uses the elements to attack Kalona after he hurts Darius. It’s very descriptive, and I can see what is happening in my head!

Ending: is very catchy and hooks me to read the next book.

Rating: I’d rate it 3.5 out of 5 chocolate bars.

Cover Thoughts: I always enjoy the book covers because they have the cool tattoos all over them and they have an eerie picture of someone from the book.

language--there is occasional swearing but that is most because of the character speaking. Zoey tries to censor her language while Aphrodite does not hold back.
violence--it is very action packed to the point of getting over-the-top gory.
sexual content--There is a fair amount of sexual content but I think that it is enough to handle for most young adults.
Maturity--I think that it is not for most middle schoolers because of the sexual content but if you are comfortable with the sex and swearing then it is all right for you to read.

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