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Friday, December 14, 2012

My Sister the Vampire: Lucky Break, a review by Shutterbug

Title: My Sister the Vampire: Lucky Break
Author: Sienna Mercer
Format: Softcover
Price: $4.99
In the series called My Sister the Vampire, Lucky Break is the sixth book in the collection. One of the twin sisters Olivia gets a part in a play which she auditioned for so she could get her first kiss with her boyfriend. But her boyfriend doesn't get the part and now she had to kiss a guy she definitely doesn't like. Luckily the director says that she will cut out all the kisses till the end. Also at that time of the school year, the twins get to meet their aunt, and Olivia gets to ride a horse, but Ivy, Olivia's twin sister, can't because horses don't really like her. She thinks it's because she's a vampire. Ivy feels left out but turns out to be braver than she thought, so everyone gets happy, but just wait till next year.
I enjoyed all the action and all the times they were about to get in trouble but they got out of it. There's a lot of drama in the series, and I like that the sisters always stay together. My favorite part of this book was during the play when the boyfriend went to help Olivia so she doesn't have to kiss the boy she doesn't like!
Rating: I would give this book 5 out of 5 chocolate bars.
Appropriateness: It's appropriate for almost any age. There's no bad language at all.
Cover Thoughts: It's fitting to the book.


  1. i read my sister the vampire revamped, it was good also


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