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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wednesday Wondering: Book or Movie First Edition!

Wednesday Wondering: Book or Movie First? A post by Supercat123.
Hey! Supercat123 here, I asked my 6th grade language arts class, "Would you rather read the book first or see the movie first?" Here are some results from my 6th grade class.  

Zumie said, "I would want to watch Harry Potter first, it is had to understand if you have not seen the movie."

Cheese curd luver said, "Breaking Dawn I would want to see the movie first, also. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, I would read the book first. It also depends on the book or movie."

Pretty Color Girl said, "I would rather read the book first so I could see the differences in the movie!!!"

Bob Lincon said, "Watch the movie first!!!! If you watch the movie first the book will make more sense, like Harry Potter."

Directioner4life said, "I would rather see the movie first. Like when I watched the Lorax first then I read the book." 

Lollipop575 said, "I would rather read the book first, such as the Hunger Games or Harry Potter." 

So, what do you think, read the book or watch the movie first?? Personally, I think read the book first, so then when I watch the movie I can match  the characters in my head , with the ones in the movie.   

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  1. i like to read the book before the movie becuase books rule!!! i think the next wensday wondering shold be if middleschoolers read a book because of its cover.


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