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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wednesday Wondering: What do you Hate Edition?

Wednesday Wondering; this is the edition of “WHAT DO YOU HATE IN A BOOK?” by: Nialllover12.

I collected some answers from my English class and here they are:

Golden marshmallow218 said …….. If you watch the movie and read the book the author is not as detailed in the movie…… 

Glossygrammergirl514 said…………. I don’t like when there are a lot of people dying and at the beginning of the book everybody is so happy.

Then Elvis Presley said…….. The book The Hunger Games made me never want to read it again! I didn’t like the part were Rue died…….

supercat123 said.......When they come out with the fist book, and they leave it open-ended before the second book comes out, and it takes a long time to come out.

poutiepidgy said........I hate when they don't make sequels, and it's a good book. I want to see how the story goes.

silverdragon said....I hate it when they do a cliffhanger at the end of a book, or when one of the really awesome characters that you've grown attached to dies.

TheMuse said........I hate it when authors give a really bad, sappy ending. Sometimes when a guy defeats the main evil guy, he has a whole other problem to deal with, but they just leave him with, "Well, he kissed a girl!" It leaves me thinking, "What the heck? There's still another bad guy out there!"

flickagirl said......I hate when authors stop and describe something during a really suspenseful part in the book.

arwenpond said......I don't like it when they tell you a fact or something and then they either don't explain it or the fact is so random and it doesn't add to the story at all.

Nialllover12 said.......when they only bring out one movie, but they have all the books out, so it kind of ruins it.

happyunicorns said......I don't like when they put random things in the middle of the book that has nothing to do with anything, and then on the next page it goes back to the regular story.

phoenix said....CLIFFHANGERS! They're evil. Especially when there isn't a sequel.

What was your thought? What makes you hate a book?


  1. im the author of this edition..... its awesom!! :)

  2. Hehe, lots of good stuff here. We don't HATE anything -- because really anything can be good if it's done right -- but like some of you guys, we TEND not to like cliffhangers, sappy endings, and unnecessary details or digressions.

  3. I REALLY hate it when you realize something halfway through the book, and the protagonists don't realize it until a hundred pages later!!!! Sorry, little rant-y there. I also hate it when obvious villain is obvious, but the protagonist is too plot-blind to notice until the penultimate moment.


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