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Friday, April 19, 2013

Fangs on My Neck Ch. 2, original fiction by The Muse

Title : Fangs on my neck
Author: Lillian G 
By The Muse
Warning: Swear words are replaced by beep,Violent scenes and romance are in this book.

Light pounded my eyelids and I opened them to see a night black wolf beside me. I couldn't believe my eyes, but there it was -- a real in the flesh, midnight-black wolf. It looked me in the eye. We stared each other in the eyes for a while. Then it looked away and growled. I looked up, and I saw the most disturbing images of my life. All around me were people in chains and fairy-like creatures in cages. The most disturbing of all was a beautiful, white-winged horse chained to the middle of this holding cell. The only way we could see was by the tiny amounts of light produced by the tiny pieces of wax they called candles. Occasionally THEY would pay us "slaves" a visit. Usually one of the people left with them and they didn't come back...alive. 

On those days when they died we got their bodies and a fire to cook them on when our overlords felt generous, but on bad days we "human toys" were forced to work outside. If other overlords liked one of us they paid the overlord to entertain them. I could hear their cries as the Overlord bit into their necks. Pretty girls here never last long.

They told me stories about the overlord, and his real name is Zuko. At first I laughed but the tale of the servants he bit and the extent of his power scared me into silence. Then  a guard came in and unchained us all and said, "So move it!" We ran to the kitchen got our food and ran back and ate in our cells.That was our usual schedule: work, then return to our cells and run to get our food and run back. 

Sometimes the days blurred together and I was about to eat the last of my food when a tiny voice asked, "Can I have a bit of your food please?"

I turned to see one of the fairy people on my shoulder. It honestly surprised me. I turned to her and replied,"Of course," and she almost jumped into my crude bowl. I caught her and lowered her to the rim. Others asked and I said, "Why not?" to most of them, and suddenly all the food in my bowl was gone! 

Then another guard came in and said, "OK all of you females in this cell come with us NOW!"and all of us girls went with them submissively but I held my head high. Most of the smaller girls crowded near me. To them, I was a sort of mother because...well, I was the oldest human girl there, so I had to help them and take care of them. Then  I was tugged out of my mind by one of my favorites, Ally. Most of the children taken were too young to remember their own names, so I gave them names. Ally was my favorite because she reminded me of Lily, my best friend I told you about earlier. She had a limp because she hurt her ankle carrying her best friend Silas.

She looked at me pleadingly and asked,"Can you please carry me?" and I couldn't resist her big eyes. So I said, "Sure." Then after a while we came to a door and other guards and their charges stopped at the door with us and naturally the kids crowded behind me only the fairies, elves and many other creatures stayed up front with me. Then the doors opened and the guards ushered us in. Then right behind me and the creatures the doors shut. The children started moaning my name like this,"Luuucy, come back,Where are you?" I ran to the door and pounded on it as hard as I could, but the door was unyielding and sturdy. I was hauled away from the door by the guards, but they weren't as rough as usual. They were still pretty rough. Then the doors creaked open and there stood Ally.  She said, "You know the doors were open, right?"

I blushed and said, "Ohh..... really." Then she started running at us and the guard grabbed her by the hair and said, "What should we do with this one?" I struggled in the guard's grasp, helpless to help her. Then a comandling voice said, "Stop Now!" and that's all I can tell you people for now.

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  1. Quite a scary and tough existence! We hope the main characters make it through okay.


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