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Monday, April 29, 2013

Twilight: A Review Lillian

Twilight Post by Lilly,The Muse
Title: Twilight
Price: $10.99
Format: paperback
Author: Stephenie Meyer

Bella (main character) moves to a place she hates because she thinks she needs to. At first her life sucks until she sees  Edward Cullen (a vampire) and immediately has a huge crush on him. Then she finds out he is avoiding her and acts like he doesn't like her. Then they suddenly start dating? Then he tells her he is a vampire and shows her that he can.....Sparkle? Then things get out of control. Will Bella go for the werewolf or the vampire?

Opinion of the book: Well, it was boring at first and then it got interesting. A strength of the book was the drama and the sparkling. A weakness was the boring beginning. It really took endurance to start the book. They should tell us more about the book other than she hates where she lives. One of my favorite parts was the sparkling because it was funny. Here's what I would have done in my head if a guy showed me he could sparkle, I'd be like, "YOU CAN SPARKLE!" and then he'd be like, whut. And I'd say, "YOU GLIMMER!" and then I'd annoy the heck out of him doing that over and over. *evil giggle*

Chocolate bars: 4.23 out of 5
Cover thoughts: Awesome but it looks like it should be in an art gallery instead of on a book.
APPROPRIATENESS: a Vampire (hehehe I made a funny)


  1. Haha, yeah, Stephenie Meyer does seem to take a while to really get her stories going... but something about her writing must work, right? Since it's so beloved by so many.


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