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Friday, April 26, 2013

The search chapter 1 by fluffyvragon

1 The Start

Once not long ago a little kid (not as little as you think), went to his family's cabin on mount. Olympus. It was a warm summer, to hot for a jacket yet to cold to keep you out of the water,(I almost forgot, Ben was his name.) 

"Ben, come help me unload the car," asked his mother Jennifer (Jen for short).

"Yes coming mom," said Ben. 

"Dan, you too," yelled Jen. 

When they unloaded the car, they checked out the cabin. "This cabin feels weird," exclaimed Ben. 

"Don’t you worry, Ben," said his mom. 

Though his mom said not to worry, he still did. Everything was creepy: the rooms, the stairs, even the outside was creepy. After supper, Ben decided to check out the surroundings of the cabin. There was a lake and a lot of trees there, but the strangest thing was there was a cabin only a few minutes away.  
That night Ben was in the middle of a good night's slumber, and then he heard a loud scream coming from the living room. He ran out and saw a truck driving off. He ran to get his parents, but they weren’t there. Then the phone rang. He answered it he heard on the phone, "If you want them back you have to do the following: go outside, go 350 yards into the wood, come to the nearest cabin, look for a red truck, and look into the window then you will see them." So Ben did. He went outside and started to look. Very quickly he noticed that there were many traps.

To be continued...

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