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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Zach Chronicles by Cecilia

At 7:00 Zach jumped out of bed. Today his mom would get married; she left him a list
of what to do while she goes out. So he will do it. Number one on the list is call Tyler.
Email Emalia, etc.… I hope Abby is going to be there, thought Zach. 

Beep, beep, beep!

Zach jumped up; it was all a dream. 

Abby jumped out of bed at 9:00 to the beep beep beep of her cell phone. Her hand knocked over her lamp. Her heart fluttered. The text was from Cece. She opened the message. It said, "See you soon!"

Never, thought Abby. “Dad, time to go! I need to get to the store so I can get you and Sonja a wedding present."

"Murf," he mumbled. "10 more minutes."

"Okay, dad I’m going to bike. See you in 20."

"Mom I’m going out to get a wedding present for you and Tyler, see you in 20. I don’t need a ride. I’m going to bike." He pulled his bike out of the driveway. Only 10 more minutes till town, he thought.  

Beep, beep, beep! He reached for his phone. "Mom, I’m fine arrrrrrrrg I’m fine." He crashed into somebody. "Okay, not fine." He jumped up to see if the girl was okay. The girl was sitting up, shaking her head. "Hello I’m Zach, are you okay?"

"Yeah I’m fine. I’m Abby by the way. I was just on my way to get a Sonja wedding present are you--"

"I was going to get Tyler a--"

"What you're Zach!" 

"And you’re Abby." 

After the wedding 

At 7:00 at night Zach was hanging upside down on a tree scaring random ladies.  Abby was just across the street. She was going to get cake, pizza and pop. Zach saw her and asked her if she needed help. She told him  he had to ask his mom, and she had to get changed for the party. Zach’s mom was okay with it. "Bye Mom see you in 20." He went to help Abby get the food for their little party.

Abby was walking down the staircase in a strapless prom dress, ready to go to the party. She had curled hair, was wearing makeup, and looked really beautiful. He felt all mushy inside. "Uhm...you look nice."

It was then Zach figured out he was in love with his step-sister.
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