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Friday, November 12, 2010

Interview With Anne Greenwood Brown

HI people! =D It's me, dusty! I intervewd up-and-coming author Anne Greenwood Brown. I e-mailed her these questions about what it's like to get a literary agent and be on submission to editors!

Hi, Dusty! Thanks for your questions. Well, let's see...

#1. What is an agent?

Anne:  An agent is someone who KNOWS people! They know what publishers/editors like certain kinds of books, stories, "voices," styles, etc. so they know who might like your story and who is most inclined to want to publish it. If they like your work, they might ask to represent it and try to sell it for you to an editor/publisher. Because most writers don't know publishers on a personal level, writers might seek an agent to help them get their book into the right hands.

#2. Is it fun doing what you do?

What I do? If you're referring to writing stories, YES, very fun! Although sometimes it's also frustrating and emotionally gut-wrenching...If you're referring to being a lawyer, YES--most of the time that's fun, too.If you're referring to being a mom, YES--almost always a ton of fun.If you're referring to washing dishes....not so much.See, most writers can't live off of what they make writing. Most have another job, too.

#3. What is your agent like? Is she a great person?

She is a hockey mom and she lives in New Jersey. She's exciting and busy and friendly. I've only met her once in person--at a writers' conference in Wisconsin.

#4. Is she good at her job?

Time will tell! She's trying to sell my book to a publishing house as we speak. Of course, the better I am at my job (writing) the easier it will be for her to do her job.

#5.What book projects are you working on?

Right now, I'm writing a story about mermaid assassins on Lake Superior.

#6. Do you think being an agent is hard?

I don't know. I've never been one. I don't think it's something I personally would be good at. I hate "selling" things. I couldn't even sell Girl Scout cookies when I was younger.

#7.Was it hard to hire her? How did you do it? How should a writer start?

I guess technically I did "hire" her in that I'll end up paying her, but it's not easy to find an agent. In a way, agents resist being "hired." They will only agree to work for someone whose story they like. So I tried to "hire" a number of agents before one said she liked my work. That's pretty typical. If you want to find an agent, you write something called a Query Letter, giving them an idea of what your story is about. It's kinda like what you'd read on the back cover of a book--just a glimpse of the story. If they like the "hook" they might agree to read the whole story, and if they read the whole story and like it, you've got yourself an agent!

*bonus dusty's q's*!!!!!!!
do you like waffles?

Love them.

do you like pancakes?

Yes, but I like waffles more. But somehow I make pancakes more often than waffles. I wonder why that is?.... Now I'm in the mood for waffles.

do you like french toast?

I make a great baked french toast for Christmas morning, but that's about the only time I eat it.

*final signature q for our blog interviews!*
whats your favorite kind of chocolate?

DARK WITH ABSOLUTELY NOTHING INSIDE IT (they can keep their stinkin' raspberry cream filling)


Well, time to say thank you and bye-bye to Anne Greenwood Brown!

well...thats all! see ya!-dustycalebroblox (dusty)

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  1. Thanks for doing such a great interview, dusty, and Anne Greenwood Brown, thanks for doing this! I happen to know your description of your current project created a great deal of interest in the lab as IntheMiddle bloggers were reading this afternoon. :)


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