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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Septimus Heap: Physik, by Angie Sage

Hey people! ityryueryuiyuivhuiehajkhdjkrtuireeyuiseydjkfyefyuihdsjhfjsduifgh!

If you haven't guessed who I am then you need to visit this blog more often.

I am Chuck Norris! Yeah, right. I'm WolfBoy409! I just finished reading Septimus Heap: Physik a few days ago. I've read it before, but I was bored so I read it again. Ok, enough chat. Here's the reveiw.

Septimus Heap has been the apprentice the Extraordinary Wizard Marcia Overstand for a long time now. He's had as normal a life as a magykal boy with a dragon can have. But one day a ghost queen of the castle's past returns to destroy Jenna Heap and reclaim her place at the throne. Her plan--have her son Marcellus Pye capture Septimus to bait Jenna, SO when Jenna illegally brings Septimus into the Queen's Room, Marcellus will grab him and bring him back in time. This is the thrilling sequal to Flyte, and Magyk is one of my favorites in the series.

I rate it 4 1/2 chocolate bars.

wolf boy out!


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