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Monday, November 8, 2010

Marley And Me A Dog Like No Other

By: John Grogen

This is such a good book. It's one I will never forget!! This is a heart-warming, tissue-needing, friend-sharing book. I think all that because well, I think it's heart-warming because when John and Jen go to pick out their puppy, John turns around, jumps back to scare the puppies and wants to see what puppy to pick. All the puppies jump back besides one. So it's the one they take home. They leave. John comes back without Jen. She is in Florida with her sisters. So they decide to name him Marley, after their favorite singer Bob Marley. So John makes him a box bed in the garage. Marley whines and whines so much, that John brings him in the bedroom. He is much bigger when Jenny gets back. They described him as a big pawed pup with a tail that hits EVERYTHING!!! So they have to keep everything up.

It's a tissue-needing book because well, I can't SPOIL the book, so read it. And it's a friend-sharing book if you want to share the LOVE!!! :)

I rate this book 4/5 chocolate bars!! Kookie says bye!!! (Leave comments!) (PLEASE!!!!)

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  1. okso i read the book but still cant finish it because it is sad! thatnks for the post maybe ill try it again



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