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Friday, November 5, 2010

Trickster's Choice by Tamora Pierce Review

Alianne - known as Aly - has a good life. Her father is second in command of Tortall's spies. Her mother is the most famous knight in the country. Aly spends her time helping her father decode messages and, to her mother's dismay, dyeing her hair blue. But everything changes when, on a solo boat ride, Aly is captured by pirates and ends up a slave to the Balitangs, a noble family on the Copper Isles. Summary from Amazon.com

In Trickster's Choice, by Tamora Pierce, Aly is a brainy, pretty, sixteen year old girl living in a country called Tortall. Her father is the kingdom's spymaster, her mother is the famous Lady Knight, and her two brothers, Alan and Thom, are mages (wizards).

First of all, let me say that this is a bit of a confusing book. I feel like you have to read the other series by Tamora Pierce before this one to understand everything (which I have). Also, (this is just a small thing but...) the beginning never told me that Aly and Alan were twins. In about the second chapter this was mentioned in passing and it totally threw me off. The whole gods and immortals concept is confusing without the older series.

Otherwise, this is a magnificent book! I am on page 347 out of 403, and it just gets better! The Copper Isles have a culture and history of their own, and the beginning of the book is like an imaginary history lesson. The names throw me off, but that's just because I've always had issues with names. The story of Trickster's Choice is wonderful, with tons of little embellishing details. I think that Aly is charismatic and kind, so much that I sort of wish she was less perfect. She always makes all the right choices and says all the right things.

I think that Nawat the crow-man is awesome! He is so funny around Aly...

All in all, I really like Trickster's Choice! It is quite fantastic, and here are my ratings:

4 out of 5 chocolate bars

vampire appropriateness

Happy Reading!! ~Stev

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