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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WRITER'S BLOCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever had writer's block? Of course, almost everyone has. I have. What I do when I have writer's block?

  • I eat a peanut butter sandwich.
  • I drink a glass of water.
  • I take a nap
  • I go for a walk with a clipboard and a pencil.
  • I watch T.V. for ideas.
  • If all else fails I play some games with my dogs.
Tell me what you do when you have writer's block.



  1. Caterpillar says that these are good ideas if you have writer's block and she will try some of them.

  2. When I have writers block, I:
    Hang upside down until my head hurts
    Eat a rice cake
    Read Percy Jackson
    Listen to music
    Or other things

  3. That is intersesting. I never read Percy Jackson, I never had a rice cake, I can't hang upside down because I will throw up but I think I will try.

  4. hashy girl likes to eat pinaple when hashy girl has writers block

  5. Is Stev serious that she hangs upside down when she has writer's block?

  6. i think it would be funny if she did

  7. I do some of them. But mostly when I have writers block, I usualy just draw. Most of the time I get ideas from that.



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