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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Poetry, by YamiHeart

Hello. YamiHeart here with two poems. They don't really have anything in common, but I hope you enjoy them anyway.


The gears in my head have stopped turning
for I have no oil to make them go.
My train of thought should be at the depot
but it's being held up by a man with a gun.
And the mouse refuses to run on the wheel
because my fridge is all out of cheese.
But the distractions...
The distractions...
The clock ticks loudly,
The music blares,
And someone has just stolen my book.
Giggles carry across the room and my name is called so I go over to the computer to see a pointless picture that makes me laugh and-
People laugh when they're happy.
And sometimes they laugh so hard they cry.
And other times people cry because they are sad.
What causes people to cry?
The gears slowly turn,
the train is approaching the station,
And the mouse has gotten his cheese.

Light and Dark

In the light I can see everything.
I can see how alone I truly am.
I can see all of the ugly people.
I can see the hate, the pain, and the death.
In the light I must share how I feel,
Even when I am not comfortable in doing so.
That is what happens in the light.

In the dark I can see nothing.
I can pretend the voices in my head are real.
I can hear how beautiful people are.
I don't have to close my eyes to the hate, the pain, and the death because I cannot see it.
In the dark I can hold all of my emotions in
And it feels so good to keep them bottled up.
That is what happens in the dark.

If the light causes me discomfort, and the dark makes me feel at home
Why go to the light at all?


  1. love the metaphors in the Inspiration poem!

  2. Wow! Those are both incredibly good! I think you have a future as a poet, YamiHeart.
    The second poem, though, is my favorite. It made me choke up a little, because it's so true. I've always loved the dark more than the light, but I like the dark because I feel like I can hide there, I can be anonymous, no one needs to know who I am. Anyways, wonderful thoughts in both of them! I love it!


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