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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Three Quarters Dead, by Richard Peck

Review by Crazienis

Recently, I read the book Three Quarters Dead By Richard Peck. It is about a girl, Kerry, who gets to join the populars' group. It's everything she ever dreamed of, until the night of the party... When the mean girls die in a car accident, will Kerry bring them back to life? Unfortunately, I can’t say a whole lot more than that without spoilers. I’d have to say, it’s really good, however. It has a complex plot, ghosts, and a lot more. A really strong thing about this book was the plot. It was as strong as the flavor of chocolate syrup on vanilla ice cream. The characterization was also really well done. Tanya, another character, is subtly portrayed as a snob, who doesn’t like people of a lower status than her. And this is all done through what she says and does, but even in that, it is very, very subtle.

I’d rate this 4 out of 5 chocolate bars.

This book contains some suggestive elements and half-ghosts.

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  1. that lookis freakishly cool. i will looke for it at the library


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