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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Gateway, a book review by anonymous

The Gateway by Obert Skye
Review by: Anonymous
Free (Christmas present)
400 pages

The Gateway is the only way to and from the magical world of Foo. But if the wrong people find the gateway, all dreams and hopes created by Foo would be lost. So an orphan named Leven Thumps must go and destroy the gateway that his grandfather created. But Leven doesn’t know this… yet. It all started with a sycophant called Clover, who reveals himself to Leven and explains the world of Foo. Slowly Leven understands his journey and with the help of his new friend Clover who is Leven’s sycophant, Geth a toothpick and the rightful ruler of Foo, and Winter, who has a special power of her own.

I couldn’t put down this book when I was reading it and fell in love with the whole book. One of my favorite characters was Clover because he is cute with hilarious remarks and silly nick-names that he comes up with for Leven. The book has a comedy to it with a lot of adventure added to it. They travel half way around the world with many crazy moments while escaping evil and racing time so they aren’t too late. I would read it again, but first I am going to let my brother read it. I would suggest the book for many people who like an action packed, interesting read. So pretty much everyone.

5 out of 5 chocolate bars
It is appropriate for anyone that can read thinker chapter books
The cover gave the book a lot of suspense

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