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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Sky is Everywhere, by Jandy Nelson

A book review by littleangel

: ) The sky is everywhere by Jandy Nelson.
Format: Hard cover
Price: $8.99
Length: 304 pages

Lennie Walker is a girl who just lost her sister and is  trying to move on, more or less. Lennie is your normal band/book geek, with no love life to speak of. She tries to grow with her sister's boyfriend Toby, but then you throw in the schools newest heartthrob, Joe, who just moved to town from Paris. To her, one of them  comforts her in the sorrow she’s fallen into, and another takes her out.  Which will she choose?

I really liked this book. I’m normally not one for sad books, but this was my exception. Even though it was sad, it had this humor in the background to keep you reading with a smile. Even though it was sad, and I will admit I did cry, it was amazingly written. I felt all the pain, why she did what she did, and in a way I got to know the character very well. I recommend reading this book for people who are looking for a good laugh or a book that makes them cry.

The only thing I didn’t like about the book was the fact that I cried. I hate crying for books, and that’s bad because I get into the mind of the character very easily. Although I only cried in one of the chapters, and I still loved the book! So I challenge you to read this book and not cry--good luck.

I really like the cover; it was colorful and matched the title very well. I know if I saw it I would read it immediately, it was very eye-catching. I like the colors and just really the look all in all.

5 out of 5 chocolate bars : )
Appropriateness: about 8th grade and up, for suggestive parts and moderate language.
-Little Angel 7698


  1. Can't someone fall in love with an average girl who is fun and outgoing but plain? Maybe it doesn't matter, but that seems to be the appeal in YA lately: girl is gorgeous but doesn't know it, is so amazing and all boys are practically getting hard-on's for them - I'm not kidding; the guys get about three hard-ons for Lennie in the book; she acknowledges it, which is normal, I guess. All in all, the was a fantastic book with original writing despite the mundane plot, and I recommend it for people 14 and up.

    1. Really? On a middle school blog? Please censor your posts.


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