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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Harry Potter Fan-fiction by GoatBoy

(Harrypotter7has entered the chat.)
Harrypotter7: wuuzzuuppppppJ
(voldy14 has entered the chat.)
Voldy14: beware mortals my online gaming skills will dominate you!!! Literally!!!!
Harrypotter7: hiya voldy.
Voldy14: give me the sorcerer’s stone!
Harypotter7: dude, we destroyed the stone a loooong time ago!
Voldy14: then I will get that ginger girl to be enslaved by my diary and resurrect the basilisk!
Harrypotter7: tried. failed!
Voldy14: then I will take over the dementors and frame your godfather!
Harrypotter7: um… dude….. r u just like..looking at memoirs or…what???
Voldy14: fine! I will trick u into the triwizard tournament and turn the cup into a portkey!!
Harrypotter7: omg dude!!!!!!!! U have already done this u r ded!!!!
Voldy14: ok… then I will attack the ministry of magic and kill ur godfather!
Harrypotter7: wow….. way ta open old wounds voldy….
Voldy14: then I will attack Hogwarts by tricking the malfoy child while u r gone with Dumbledore.
Harrypotter7: ok I know u don’t remember doing these things but even so….y r u telling me???????
Voldy14: bcuz….uuuh….
(SHnuffles has entered the chat)
SHnuffles: hello harry.
Harrypotter7: um… u guys r both ded!!
(fredweasley34 has entered the chat)
Fredweasly34: hiyaz
(dumbelldoorknob has entered the chat)
dumbelldoorknob: Blast! I wish I hadn’t let peeves set up my chat account!
Harrypotter7: alrite…… this is just weird…. I'm in a chat….. with a bunch of dead guys…..
SHnuffles: yarpindiddlydoodaday.
Fredweasly34: yarpindiddlydoodaday.
Dumbelldoorknob: yarpindiddlydoodaday.
Voldy14: yarpindiddlydoodaday.
Harrypotter7: what does that even mean???
Voldy14: it means yes…duh….XD
Harrypotter7: wowzz…..i am out of here!
(harrypotter7 has left the chat.)
SHnuffles: well……
Fredweasley34: that was……
Dumbelldoorknob: odd……
Voldy14: I will rule the world!!!
SHnuffles: oh wow… laterz
(SHnuffles has left the chat.)
Fredweasly34: um..yea.. im with Sirius…
(fredweasly34 has left the chat.)
Dumbelldoorknob: byz..
(dumbelldoorkob has left the chat)
(voldy14 has left the chat.)


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